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Artist Works
Category: Collage
Condition: On sale
Biography: Pepe Mallol, free, generous and close spirit, has a tireless creative force, an open, curious and sensitive mind. His eclectic background and his creative restlessness have allowed him to always explore new paths. Personality of wide horizons, is a versatile artist: window dresser, interior designer, decorator and designer, with a long career. He began his studies at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, ​​he reached its emergence on the scene of interior space with innovative BAYT and continued its work in the Barcelona designer INTHAI firm, participating in major international trade fairs. His fondness for the plant fibers is rooted both in their contacts with artisans from his native neighborhood, Gràcia, and his trips to the Orient-for him very convenient route which has always declared fervent enamorado.Autodidacta convinced, still shaping methodically and indefatigable his rich inner world. He is currently working on making pictures using recycled paper collages from magazines and newspapers. Integrated in a multidisciplinary team that combines experience and new blood; his pictures are an inspiration to the rest of the group, Leire and Gemma, in creating your handmade jewelry. And the three are coming up, creating ... with great inspiration.
Website: http://www.estrips.net
Participation Date: Feb 24 2017