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Biography: Ataúlfo Casado, whose artistic name is a simple and affectionate Ata, was born in Madrid, the 14 of January of 1948. At the young age of fourteen he achieved one of his greatest professional achievements, becoming an accredited copyist of the Museo Nacional del Prado (Madrid). At the 17 years he entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, the last year of the Academy as a teaching school.
The following year, in June, he had to take the entrance exam to the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid; 200 students were presented to the exam, of which only 19 was approved, including Casado.
As a result of a disease that left him in absolute blindness, he abandoned painting for years, returning with strength in the 2007. His work evolves over time in a formidable way, approaching more and more the abstract style that, to this day, dominates his creations. His style, in the words of Casado himself, can be defined as a mixture of Fauvism, expressionism, figuration and abstraction.
This evolution is what has left us his samples in the different exhibitions he has made, being, the vast majority of them, a resounding personal success more for Casado. Among those who exhibited individually include: Villares Toro Gallery (Madrid) 1970; Casa de Cultura Felanitx (Mallorca) 1972; Tolmo Gallery (Toledo) 1972; Bética Gallery (Madrid) 1972 to 1974; Murcia Provincial Museum Gallery 1973; Gallery Mancha (Ciudad Real) 1973; Nuno de la Rosa Gallery (Murcia) 1974; Trazos Gallery (Santander) 1975; Casino Estoril (Portugal) 1977; Caja de Ahorros de Pamplona 1979; Caledonia Gallery (Bilbao) 1982; Alfredo Kraus Cultural Center (Madrid) 2013; Exhibition Hall of the Retirement Board (Madrid) 2014; Colegio de Aparejadores (Madrid) 2014; Francisco Duayer Gallery (Madrid) 2015; Buenavista Cultural Center (Madrid) 2015.
Regarding the collective exhibitions in which he has participated, we should refer to Fine Art Gallery of Florida (USA) 2013; Galería Arte Papel (Segovia) 2013; Eka Moor Gallery (Madrid) 2014; Museum of Music of Kaunas (Lithuania) 2014; Belmar Gallery (Stockholm) 2014; Castle of Racamulto (Sicily) 2014; Forum of creators "En Recuerdo de Enma" (Madrid) 2014.
Noteworthy in 2015, his exhibition at the Tiflológico de la Once Museum, in Madrid, where he came to paint a painting live, in one of the rooms of the museum, in the presence of an audience.
Ataúlfo has also starred in a documentary, "Ata pintando en negro", based on his life and his role as a painter, taking as his point of departure the blindness he has suffered for years, made by Primavera Ruiz. He has also been a participant in several radio, press and TV reports.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.ata.arte.triskoalan.com
Participation Date: March 10 2018