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Biography: Mirna Paz Viola, was born in 1968 in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay.

He studied music (piano accordion) at the Conservatorio América.

From a very young age she leans towards poetry, later towards the fable for children and then towards composition.

In 1999, he traveled to Spain and worked as a correspondent for the Semanario Renacer de Uruguay.

In 2002, he traveled to Chile and recorded his own songs for the first time, appearing on various radio stations in Santiago.

In 2012, it was selected as a finalist in different literary competitions in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Cuba and Peru, being published in all of them with different authors.

He has edited two books; one of poems De Amores y Reflexiones (2014) and a novel Las Miserias de Julia (2019).

Starting this year, he began to establish ties with another art form, digital art.

His works are made from images that he rescues from the internet, always under the premise that they are free of copyright; he likes to mix various techniques, graphic design tools, collage or photography.

Photoshop being the main one of its programs.

Females and nature, nature and females; they are the origin of his works that embrace the same attitude, even becoming a perfect and harmonic mix
English speaker: No
Website: https://mirnapaz20186.wixsite.com/my-site-2
Participation Date: Jul 30 2021