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Artist Works
The grand deceiver
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Biography: Art helps me create a small part of the world.
With a deep feeling of selfishness I do all this for personal satisfaction, I do it for myself. But what is not given does not exist ...
Always with a pencil in hand, sketching, with multiple ideas that arise from scribbles, thoughts, photographs, dreams, memories ... always listening to the birds that trill in my head; these ideas are transformed into others, when a spark seduces me then the development towards a finished work, with a technique in constant process of research, experimentation and learning that never ends
My work has a figurative form but with imaginative content. Always looking for the impact.
What has no explanation, it is pathetic to try to explain it.
My favorite word is "ineffable" ...
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.moiseshergueta.com
Participation Date: Apr 20 2018