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The dancing germs
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Hi, I'm Nacho Barrales, aka Jack Thomas, the "pipe" or Nachob. I began to draw with pencil as a child, usually only eagles and birds of prey, and every Christmas I gave my family some drawings made as a very childish comic, which expressed the stories that passed by home, but this is not well the origin of my "work", way, I was not a child "prodigy", if once I made a beautiful canvas with oil, nothing else, like many other children, But it was from one of those television nights, in my adolescence, when they gave good programs for the 2 of Spanish television generally, when it left the "guernica" of Picasso or some "basquiat", I was impressed, I had not seen in my life "a work of art" if it was a great lover of nature but nothing more , When I saw that rectangle, in this case hung in a museum, I was shocked, Later on with my mother we went to Paris, and if I still remember those primary colors of some Lichstentein, Pompidou Museum, Repeti view of the Pompidou in this case with the institute travel end of courses, and I do not know how I returned On a poster at home, the cry of Edward Munch (my passion for the great painters was intuited) .. nothing more, I studied mixed sciences with the intention of being a physiotherapist, (since I played basketball in a federated ekipo and I liked to know the human body Tb), but the selectivity was not quite right. That year I enter the faculty of Psychology (UAB) ,,, at the same time I enter a photography academy ... Soon after a calse of psychology where we teach psychological exprimentos Zimbardo, with some "cigarette "in my hand (k cigarettes smoked Baudelaire rather), I leave the faculty to continue my studies of photography, composition, development etc., I like it, yes, I am one of the most creative students of the class ... I combine that same year a workshop of the Massana school in Barcelona of screen printing (but it was not mine to scratch the copper plate .., mine was a thicker line, by then I already knew Keith Haring, and basically I tried without copying myself to follow that aesthetic with my Chinese ink edding. I had k compajinar my studies with jobs, casual jobs in factories, gas stations etc, doing the worst of the worst, but in that year we were called to work in a television company but in Holland,, ea! There I pointed quickly, I had never been there, I did not even know Van Gogh, but it was a clear cultural "xoke". On weekends we went down to the capital, Amsterdam; and there, among the flowers of evil, I discovered, other "artificial paradises", that "confirmed" the "doubts" I had about those "abstract" states of mind, after that "trip", I had in my hands a total feeling of "freedom" ,, I left also the school of photography, also the material was very expensive. Now I had the 24 hours of the day, and the night for me alone, to investigate strokes, lights, (grated slides etc), and so it was, I stayed the rest of the year, with my edding of various sizes, and ink, looking for " new "forms, contrasts ,,,
I left a family home, we rented a large house (with pool and everything, vaci jj) in a neighborhood near my city, and there I already put with the colors and an attitude more "action painting", because I had more space .. .consegui some exhibition, in some social headquarters, town hall .. but nothing important ,,, weekends to Barcelona with my folder, giving or giving for four kids some of my pieces in cartolina and edding ... a year, I return to "my" holland ,,, Land of the "liberties" a more advanced country of course of the k we live, with the "longing" to teach my work of akel then, It was there, when it began to capture the rejection of society, the looks of repulsion towards me, my work, a lot of admiration tb, but he told me ..: people go to the smuseos, admire the work, spend money entrance, and there are my paintings and they are not even able give me a florin, a gesture? ,, I began to realize how hard k would be for me, to be able to live off my art ... I'll return to Spain, with my folder made dust, and I continue to paint, absorbing every glimpse of art, museums, magazines, libraries, I began to connect, work of Basquiat, movement COBRA, abstract expressionism, looked, dubbufet, art.brut, etc etc. I leave the studies completely, I thought I could get it by my methods ,,, I continued working in factories, the style more "beat" (beat generation) leaving jobs, I wandered to wander traveling as the steps of a stunned enfant terrible, impatient for cover the beauty, ka my way plamaba, I tried to capture in my cartolinas and some canvas already ,,, I did not know or paint a face, but I knew how to get it, I HAD my lienea, the texture! ... (lust the Netherlands again, (read the city of the young rembrant ,,, Norwich, London (uk), Berlin posteriromente ,, always with "good" music in my by then walkman ,,, (soundgarden, david bowie, cocteau twins, blur, the planets , joy division, nick cave and the bad seeds, belle and sebastian, etc ,,,). I never divagaba in the cities, maybe I was a coward, I returned to "my" land, k has not given me anything, only "wars" to show my pictures, but Aki continued, changing housing, moving in move, traveling inside the country tb (cordoba, jaen, real city, lion, logroño, gijon, benicasim, santiago de compostela ..) ... and so I still find myself ... Aunke "decided" or it will be because of my age: knows more the old man as old as po devil (I was born in the 1978, I have 40 years), I returned to the maternal home, returning some love in my house, after so many "hooligans" "saints! I just wanted to get into my questions ... Here, I have a small attic, where I paint, I also do music, and I spend hours in my city, Terrasa, (city of now, I was 19 years of my life in Sant Cugat Valles, town crossing serralda collserola barcelona ,,) ... During all this time of trips, movings, sporadic works ,,, painted, I managed to expose leave my work in some other gallery (baseelemnts bcn) etc, I was also in Barcelona city ​​in a market, on Saturdays, where he sometimes sold, and also painted to order (thank you Vern, for asking me those two canvases, Australia), etc. etc. This is my story, as a person, SELF-TAUGHT, what k entails, more "impediments" to enter qualkier artistic circuit, I know, and still live, and to not be those 20's anxieties to teach my work, now I'm more " enclosed "in my own, I flee from k confisken my paintings by displaying them on the street, etc etc, (if my relationship with graffiti, was poor, I never put, some k another wall, but always caused me" fear "the police, etc, if I know some other db k ....) so now I still aki, with little money experimenting again with those altered state of consciousness, learning from my mistakes and if investigating, with the" error "as" premise "to continue working ..." mistaking "less as the great Bertol Brecth said. I hope my background has been understood, biography as "artist", maybe people do not understand, but it is like that, a life "in the barricades", to do and try to communicate "BEAUTY" after all. My expereinia on the instagram is quite, "boring", I hate the copios of "basquiats" of cubists, imitators!, Exss, Some other artist has impacted me, but few, I can count on the fingers of one hand,, fixed, Well this is all, WELCOME to my "art" ,,, thank you, love and "gurra", OM MANI PADME HUNG
English speaker: Si
Website: https://www.instagram.com/nachobarralesdiaz/?hl=es https://nadieband.bandcamp.com/releases
Participation Date: Jan 30 2019