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Artist Works
Category: Sculptures
Condition: On sale
Biography: Niel studied psychology and was a major attraction for art which led him to take the initiative to expand their studying in institutes of Fine Arts who provided technical expertise.

He started very young and tested different materials and formats, painting, clay, portrait, landscape and it was not until the early 90 when he began to feel fascinated by iron.

Iron combines with other materials provided to metal bonded and where possible recycling enjoy what is in the waste drawer.

The influence is figurative style that allows a subjective reality that still face apparently is not in form.

I currently specialization is focused on creating custom works as trophies, special gifts, logos etc. thus it ensures that the work itself is identified with the event.

It is unprecedented to have a unique work of art in the world that is made for you and with which you identify, is very rewarding.

Demands will come from individuals, architects, interior designers, decorators and companies.

Its slogan is to create sentiment to erect reaction,
and the reaction according to tells us:
"It is the return that the work itself offers the artist"
Website: http://www.niel.16mb.com
Participation Date: March 24 2017