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Artist Works
Biography: Noelia Muriana works as a multidisciplinary artist specialized above all in video-art, holding solo exhibitions and festivals and many other collective ones, within Spain and outside the country. As they can be: IVAM ELECTRA´04 Festival, Video exhibition at the College of Architects of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (COAC) 2005. ART TECH MEDIA'06, ART TECH MEDIA'08, Malaga Film Festival 2006, Art Festival Emergent Alter-Arte 0´7, Festival Optica 2008, Exhibition MULTIMEDIA IMAGES OF A COMPLEX WORLD 2008, MADATAC Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art 2009 (Madrid). International Film Festival IBAFF 2013 (Murcia). 2nd Women and Visual Arts Video Marathon (MAV) On the body and its cartographies, La Casa Encendida, 2013 (Madrid). DON'T LET YOURSELF DOMESTIC Exhibition at the Léucade Gallery (2014-Murcia) FEMINART II Exhibition, Atín Aya Room at Espacio Turina (2016-Seville).
POMELOS Y MARTINIS Exhibition at the Babel Gallery (2016-Murcia). Collective exhibition La Carne y el Espíritu, Somnambula space in Madrid 2017.
He uses his work as a political weapon to talk about feminism and is very committed to LGTBIQ issues. Not only does it intend to call into question the instrumentalization that the women's body (among others) is done from the patriarchal and heterosexist system, but it also intends to confer visibility (understood as a political activism) of other identities vilified by the logic of power that is based on the legitimation and execution of assumptions framed in the traditional sex-gender and identity trinomial.
English speaker: No
Website: http://www.noeliamuriana.com
Participation Date: 29 September 2019