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Artist Works
Getting Heavenly Designs
Category: Collage
Condition: On sale
Fire Angel
Category: Others
Condition: On sale
The Lord
Category: Others
Condition: On sale
With Boots of Seven Leagues of Faith
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Biography: Spanish Protestant nun and painter, practitioner of contemplative abstraction. Extremely versatile and urban artist: painter, video-artist, performer, musical composer and singer. In the year 2003, she had a mystical experience with Jesus Christ that transformed the way of seeing her life and since then her work is impregnated with the results of her divine communications, in order to inform how to obtain said revelations to the viewer.
In addition, he consciously manipulates the narrative that underlies the emotions, allowing the viewer to perceive his work as present structures. His images are filled with subtle representational minimalism and carefully shot sequences about how we relate to each other.
Madrilenian by adoption, it is in this city where most of her activity takes place. She learns in the study of Nieves Solana, color, drawing, composition, technique, portrait. She travels to Los Angeles in 1992 to study film. In 1994 she won a scholarship to the Rietvelt Academie (visual arts) and completed her training at the Escuela de Pintura de La Palma, Madrid.
Individual exhibitions
'Octopus and decisions', Cicelly Hall, Madrid, 2003; paint.
'Freezing Cremation Chamber' Artépolis, Madrid, 2004: installation.
'Caring for the Earth', Carmen de la Guerra Gallery; Installation (projections, music, performance). Madrid, 2003
“Spiritual Realities”, painting; Grenada, 2014
“Collage Revelations”, collage; Madrid, 2016
“Visions”, painting, Madrid, 2017
“Experiences”, Madrid, 2018.
Collective exhibitions
'Neti, neti', Collective exhibition of Mexican artists, performance 'Nothing, of which one cannot speak'. Mexico Room, Institute of Mexico, Embassy of Spain. (Madrid, 2002), curator, Gabriel Santamarina (Mexico).
Group exhibition Nieves Solana studio.
'Concert for vacuum cleaner and hair dryer', Rietvelt Academie, Amsterdam 1995. Performance / installation.
“Go to the Second Room', Rietvelt Academie, Amsterdam. Facility.
Fairs and Exhibitions
Arco, Lipanjepuntin Gallery, Italy. 2002. Installation / performance.
'Pidgeon TV', Rietvelt Academie (TV system). amsterdam
In 2008, it carried out 7x7x7 = 343 projects to be developed in subsequent years. Strong presence at the 2008 Cultures festival with the piece 'O' Resistencia.
In 2009 he performs the concert-performance 'La copa de la ira de Dios' (Pyramid Room). In February 2010, the music video 'Agua Viva' was released, shown in Barcelona, ​​Paris and Rosario (Argentina), within the VideoLab festival. In June 2010, she developed 'Chronicles of the End' (performance center). She creates the group of urban interventions 'Evangelistic Pillow', with weekly activities in Madrid. In 2012 she begins to paint in oils for the exhibition 'Spiritual Realities'. In 2013 she made the exhibition 'Trapezio-Experimento' in La Huída, Madrid. Finalist of the New York Artprice, painting category 2015.
2017 paints the "Codice 1" on Apodaca street, during the Malasaña Painting Festival.
2018 is his best year, with television appearances and new musical successes. She paints “Codice 2” (urban painting) at the Malasaña Painting Festival. Emerging artist prize for painting at Alie Festival, 2019. 2020, outstanding participation in “2021, plays “Los Chalets Del Nazareno” live at First Dates Café, with Jesús Vázquez. 2022, he is currently preparing the Cantata 147Bach for Got Talent and his new album in English “Words Of Eternal Life”.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://monjahammond.jimdo.com
Participation Date: 07 September 2022