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digital drawing
Condition: On sale
digital drawing
Condition: On sale
digital drawing
Condition: On sale
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), in March of 1949. Architect (FAU-UBA) and plastic artist.

In 1977 he graduated as an Architect in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
from the University of Buenos Aires.

Between 1974 and 76 he was a teacher at the PANAMERICAN ART SCHOOL.

Between 1985 and 1988 he was a professor of Architectural Design of the FAU of the UBA.

Other page: OUT OF ARGENTINA: http://www.saatchiart.com/ogagliano

IN LATIN AMERICA: http://www.galeriauniversal.com.ar/perfil.php?usr=866

Note edited in the Granada newspaper of Spain, a relationship between music and painting.
Interview to the art site, Gen21- Spain.
American euro book of plastic artists as a whole, images and poems.
Narrators and poets, (story and selected poetry) Edit. The four winds (2004). Story

The texts included in this site: Stories, novels, essays, poems, illustrated stories.
English speaker: No
Website: http://www.oscargagliano.com/
Participation Date: 08 2018 December