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Artist Works
Pure Tropico
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Presentation Onofre Frias, Venezuela, 1953. Bachelor of Arts from the best art schools in the country. 30 years continuous in creative work and teaching. Mastered the art of painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts, performance and installations. Awards: MaltaBiennial (Malta); Gold Medal at the First Biennial of Painting of the Caribbean and Central America, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic); First Prize in both painting and drawing national exhibitions. More than 100 national solo exhibitions and over 200 collective. In 1998, I have made it alone in one of the most important museums in Latin America, the Museum of ContemporaryArtSofiaImber (MACSI).
Onofre has exhibited in Latin America, Europe, Korea, Canada and the United States. His workis in the collections of the Museum of Latin American Artof the OAS in Washington / MOLAA Museum of Latin American Artin Los Angeles / Museum of ModernArt, in Bogota, Colombia / Le Frac for France, Martinique / Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia Imber, in Caracas / Museums , universities, banks, and private collections both at his country and abroad / permanentexhibition inCaracas atEurobuilding HotelandMarriot Hotel.
Teaching Activity
Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia Imber MCCSI, Caracas / Bellas Artes Museum, Caracas / Athenaeum of Caracas / Ateneo de Valencia, Carabobo / Carmelo Fernández Museum, in San Felipe, Yaracuy / Andres Bello Catholic University / Simón Rodríguez University / Art Plastic School Cristóbal Rojas / Pedagogical Institute of Caracas / Alejandro OteroMuseum / Conferences andtalks inUniversities / Museums.
International Exhibitions USA: 2014artistcollective presentation.
Spain: 2012 "Venezuela: Four areasofart" Castillode SantaCatalinaCadiz. 2009 University of Huelva synchronies Caribbean, collective synchronization in spring, Seville 2002International ArtFair ARCO, Madrid (Catalog) 2006 "Caribbean 5" (Catalog) Cultural Center Pablo Ruiz Picasso. January Torremolinos 1991-1992VisualIberoamericana ProposalItinerant, Sevilla Expo, Barcelona.
France: Alliance 2004French ofParis. 2003EspaceMeyer - Zafran. 2000 "Grafts delalma" in Inglés: "Soul Grafts" (Catalog) Cloitrede Tickets, in Paris, France, from 16toSeptember 30. 1998CIACCVanhocke Pascal, Paris, France. 1996 "Semaine duVenezuela áToulouse" (Catalog) CulturalCenter Les Mazades, from14toOctober 20, in France. 1999Itinéraire 99, Exposition d'ArtContemporain, Levallois, France.
1998InternationalCenter CreationandContemporary Art, Paris, France. 1997Vénézuélinne Plastique, Villede Ruil-Malmaison. Paris. Grands etJeunes D'aujord'hui (Catalog) Espace Eiffel -Paris. Realités Branly51st HallNouvelles (Catalog). 42ndHallof Montrouge, France. Collective Venezuela 1996 Week in Paris from October 15 29 to, Cloitre des Tickets, Paris, France. 1992PetitFormatHall, Houseof LatinAmerica, Paris, France. 1992Gallery Carred'Or, France. Cultic CenterJacques Prevert, France. Visitation 1992CulturalCenter Perigeaux, France.
UnitedStates: 2006ExtraordinaryWords. ArtformzAlternative Gallery.Miami, Florida. 2004African HeritageCulturalCenter.Miami. October January. 2001Solar Latin American Art & Design, New York. 2000 "A wake in New York" (Catalog) A wake in New York, Consulate General of the Republic of Venezuela in New York, USANovember 2000. ComfortZoneArtGallery (catalog) .Miami, Florida. 1996CaribArtGallery, Broadway, NewYork. 1992Museum of Latin AmericanArt, OAS, Washington, DC
Colombia: 2005 "Grafts Del Alma" in Inglés: "Soul Grafts" within the framework of the InternationalFlower Fair, InternationalAirport.Medellin, Colombia. August. 2004Chamber OFCommerce ofMedellin.August-September. 2004Museum oftheUniversity of Antioquia, Medellin. June-July. 2003 "CaribbeanFull Color" Mayor ofMedellin, Colombia.August. 2003 Barichara Foundation, Bogotá, Colombia. CAF, the Andean Development Corporation. 1985Universidad Atlantic, Barranquilla, Colombia.
Italy: 1995 Internazionale di Arti First Rasegna Visive (Catalog) Citta di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Pallazzo Comunaledi deiLombardi Sant'Angelo. Percorsi Internazionali (Catalog) Victor HugoHouseofCulture, Avelino, Italy. 1996Castilian Lancellotti, Lauro, Italy. 1992LaboratoryMuseum ofContemporaryArt, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy.
Austria: 2005 "CaribbeanFull Color" .Manolo's CulturalCenter Vienna, Australia. 2005Embassy ofVenezuela inVienna.
Martinique: 1994LeFrac, FortdeFrance, Martinique. 1988InternationalFestival ofFortdeFrance Martinique. Korea: 2005 "Caribbean FullColor" (Catalog) ArteBellaGallery Seoul Korea.March.
Japan: 2000SocaDaKai. Canada: 2003ArtFair in Toronto.
Mexico: 2003InternationalArtFair, Mexico. Germany: 1998CurrentVenezuelan Art, BBK, Cologne.
Poland: SztukaAmeryki Poludniowej 1997 (Catalog) .Bielska Gallery BWA, Poland.
Malta: 1997Malta Biennial, Malta. Belgium: 1993HouseofLatin America, Brucella, Belgium.
Dominican Republic: 1992 First Biennial of Painting of the Caribbean and Central America, Dominican RepublicArgentina: 1996 Footprint, Dream & Surroundings (Catalog), Municipal Museum of Modern ArtMendoza, Argentina. 1992Praxis Gallery BuenosAires, Argentina.
Cuba: 1990National ofBellas Arts Museum, Havana.
Awards and Recognition
2014: Recognition by thecollegeof artsZonabk. May. 2012: Guest of honor ofthe artists ofthe80 'totheFIA InternationalArtFair 1997: Mention Delegation of Venezuela, Malta Biennial, Malta. 1996: First Prize, Twodimensional mode, AraguaHall, Maracay, Aragua. 1994: Second Prize for Painting, Perez Mujica, National Hall Michelena, Valencia, Carabobo. 1993: First Prize for Painting Rafael Ramon Gonzalez, IV Biennial of Plastic Arts of Puerto la Cruz, Anzoátegui. 1992: Gold Medal at the Delegation of Venezuela, I Biennial of Painting of the Caribbean and Central America, Dominican Republic. 1990: Award CONAC, V National Drawing Biennial, Alejandro Otero Museum, Caracas. 1989: Drawing Prize Emilio Boggio, Michelena Hall, Valencia, Carabobo. 1987: Working Stock Exchange Award, International Year of Peace, CONAC, Caracas. 1985: Emilio Montesantos Prize, Michelena Hall, Valencia, Carabobo. 1984: First Prizefor Painting, NationalExhibition ofArtAragua, Maracay, Aragua.
RepresentationsCollections MoLAA Museum of Latin American Art, Los Angeles - California / OAS, Washington DC / Museum of the University of Antioquia / Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofia Imber, MACCSI / Bellas Artes Museum, Caracas / Museum of Contemporary Artof Zulia / Museum of Contemporary ArtMario Abreu / CarlosCruz Diez Museum / ArturoMichelena Foundation / Industrial Bank of Venezuela / Mendoza Hall, Caracas / Museum of Modern Art, Bogota, Colombia / Le Frac for France, Martinique / Commercial Bank / Insurance Security / Tiuna Films / Chamber of Commerce Carabobo / Venezuela cartons, SFGAs / Polar Foundation / Marriot Hotel / Eurobuilding Hotel.
Solo Exhibitions 2015: Tropical tribute to San Juan, areas of the Aguamarina Higuerote Hotel with drums andtenth performance. 2014: Creation of the first virtual gallery in Venezuela on April 26 on the website www.onofrefrias.com 2014: Individual exhibition in the Utopia 19 Gallery at El Hatillo "Tropico Puro" in English: "PureTropic". 2013: Art Center Daniel Suarez "The hundred of ONO% karibe" in English: "the hundred of ONO% Karibe" (age60 + 40activity). 2013: Coffee at La Cuadra Gastronómica (Itinerarte) "Visual Menu" from February 28 to April21,2013 (Catalog). 2012: Art Gallery Bortot "Spring in Plaza Las Americas" from April to May 29 12, at Plaza Las AmericasMall, inCaracas, ElCafetal (Catalog). 2012: Museum of AfricanAmerican Art "OnofreFrias Anthology", SanBernardino, Caracas. August5. 2012: Latvia Business Center, "Something from Me" Gallery, "100% Karibe". La Castellana, CaracasOctober 19. 2012: Hatillarte 2012.Nightgalleries realization ofMandala, theworld'slargest outdoor asphalt exhibitionofsculptures With andworks. 2011: 100% Karibe Atelier Nathalie Azero, Hatillo Municipality, Caracas. / 100% Karibe Perea Art Gallery, Maturin, Monagas (Catalog). / 100% Karibe clearances gallery of the cultural center ElHatillo, withintheframework ofthecelebrationof Hatillarte, night galleries, HatilloMunicipality, Caracas. 2010: 100% Karibe in the lobby of Hotel Jirahara with the Gallery Art Studio V. Barquisimeto, Lara. 100% Caribbean (Catalog). Mural made for Hatillarte, Gallery Night. AndUtopiaGallery Exhibition. Hatillo Municipality, Caracas.October 2010 ... deputamadre! Art Center Daniel Suarez, at Alta Florida, Caracas, May 19, 2010. Tropical Sunday in the Amber Lounge & Restaurant withMMDAO ArtGallery, Las Mercedes, Caracas. March 14, 2010 2009: Sync spring. In Hatillarte Gallery Night. Represented by Utopia 19 Gallery, Hatillo Municipality, Caracas. October 17, 2009. Sync in spring. Exhibition Hall of the Educational Institute of Urology. Valencia - Caracas. November 2009. / Sync Caribbean. University of Huelva, Spain. December 2009. / La joie de vibrated. 19 Utopia Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela 2009./Hatillarteevent inthe Utopia19Gallery, in Caracas, Venezuela. 2009. AraguaHall. 2006: "Landscapes of the Caribbean" in English: "Landscapes of the Caribbean". Limited Edition Gallery. July 2006 // FromChoroni to MBA.Bellas Artes Museum. Shop.May toJuly 2006 // "Feel the visible" inEnglish: "Feelthe visible". CarmeloFernández Museum. SANFELIPE, Yaracuy. March-May 2006 // "Feel the visible". Ateneo Cultural de Aroa. March-August 2006. 2005: Caribbean Full Color (Catalog). ArteBella Gallery Seoul Korea. March // Full Color Caribbean. Manolo's Cultural Center. Austria Vienna. April // Full Color Caribbean. Bright Samples, Limited Edition Gallery. Caracas // "Feel the visible" (Catalog), Traveling Retrospective 1990 - 2005. The Impulse Gallery Foundation, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. June-September // "Grafts of the Soul" in English: "Soul Grafts" within the framework of the International Flower Fair, Medellin, Colombia. August. // "Trés trés Tropical" (Catalog). FrenchAlliance of LaCastellana, Caracas.August-September. 2004: Erlenbniswelt Chistkind International Weihnachten Salzburg, Bergheim. December. // Offering African Heritage Cultural Center.Miami. October-January // Space ArtsDaniela Chappard Foundation, Caracas. November. // "Grafts of the Soul" in English: "Soul Grafts" (Catalog) Chamber of Commerce of Medellin, Medellin. August-September Caribbean // Full Color (Catalog) Museum of the University of Antioquia, Medellin. June-July //
Full Color French Caribbean Alliance, La Tahona, Caracas. From May 26 to June 21. // Caribbean FullColor (Catalog) French Alliance, Chacaíto. April22to May 22 // Collectibles (Catalog) Templarios Gallery, Caracas. April-MaytoJune. 2003: "A Garden on the train platform" in Inglés: "A Garden on the train platform" XXI Century Hall - FONBIENES - Transport Museum, Caracas, from September to February 2003 2004.// Caribbean Full Color, Mayor of Medellin , Colombia. August. Caribbean // Full Color (Catalog) Point Art Gallery, Caracas. From April 27 to September. // "Alphabet Parauna Flower" inEnglish: "Alphabet for aflower" (Catalog), Spaces Alternatesof Notitarde, Ateneo de Valencia. From June to July 22 22. // Constructs Lobby Eurobuilding Hotel, Caracas. // "Grafts of the Soul" in English: "Soul Grafts" (Catalog). XII Venezuelan Congress of Internal Medicine. Lobby of Hilton Hotel, Caracas 20 to 24 from May. // CaribbeanFull Color, France School, Caracas. 2002: Moro Gallery, Maracaibo. // Visual Music (Catalog) Cultural Center of Hermandad Gallega, Valencia. From 11 to 28 April. // International Art Fair ARCO, Madrid (Catalog) // LeoBlassini Gallery, Caracas. 2001: Solar Latin American Art & Design, New York // Construct (Catalog) Forms Gallery, Maracay, Aragua. From August 19 to October 14. // Museum of Contemporary Art Mario Abreu, Maracay, Aragua. // "Rebuilding Intimacy" (Catalog) Tamanaco Gallery. Industrial Bank Foundation, Caracas. // Constructs (Catalog) Eladio German Sucre Center, El Caraboneño, Carabobo, Valencia. FromApril29toJune 17. 2000: "Grafts of the Soul" in English: "Soul Grafts" (Catalog) Cloitre de Billetes, Paris, France. From 16 to 30 September 2000. // A wake in New York (Catalog). A wakein New York, Consulate General oftheRepublic ofVenezuela inNew York, USANovember. 1999: Ateneode Valencia. // (Catalog) ArturoMichelena Museum Hall. FromMay 2to July 4,1999. Valencia, Carabobo // SwingwithSon.A Tale of Jazz (Catalog) Corpgrup Cultural Center, March 1999, Illustration. // "Grafts of the Soul" in Inglés: "Soul Grafts" (Catalog). Fine Arts Center, Maracaibo, Zulia. 1998: "Grafts of the Soul" "Soul Grafts" (Catalog) The Other Band Gallery, Art Museum of Tovar, Merida, March-October. // CIACC Pascal Vanhocke, Paris, France. // Eco Fusion (Catalog) Visitor Center Macagua II, Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar. May. // "Grafts of the Soul" "Soul Grafts" (Catalog) Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofia Imber, August. // An Offering withFlowers (Catalog) Medici Gallery. FromAugust to September in Caracas. // Friends (Catalog) Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas. // "Grafts Del Alma" "SoulGrafts" (Catalog) III MillenniumArtGallery, Puerto Ordaz and San Felix. 1997: "Floresdel Alma" inEnglish: "Flowersof TheSoul" (Catalog) Medici Gallery, Caracas, May-July // Forms Gallery Maracay, Aragua. 1996: Reverie, "Flores del Alma" in Inglés: "Flowers of the Soul" (Catalog) Ascaso Art Gallery, Valencia, Carabobo Venezuela // Week for Toulouse, (Catalog) Cultural Center Les Mazades, from14to20October.France. 1995: Hall Mendoza, Caracas. // "Altares, funerals, and other herbs cons" in Inglés: "Altars, funerals, and other herbs cons" (Catalog) South Art Gallery, Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar, from April to May 21 7 // Reverie, "Flowers Alma "in Inglés:" Flowers of the soul "(Catalog) D'Museum Gallery, Caracas, February-March // Moors Gallery, Maracaibo, Zulia. 1994: "Altars, burials, cons and other herbs" in English: "Altars, funerals, cons and other herbs" (Catalog) Unlimited Gallery, San Cristóbal, Tachira. 1994 April // Altares, funerals, and other herbs (Catalog) Mendoza Hall, Caracas.March 20to April14 // Altares, funerals, and other herbs (Catalog) Opera House, Maracay. July to August // Altares, funerals, and other herbs (Catalog) House of Culture Francisco Lazo Martí, Calabozo, Guarico.
1993: "Altaresdel Sur" in Inglés: "South Altars" (Catalog) Municipal Gallery of Modern Art inPuertola Cruz, Anzoategui. 1992: "Against the Wind and Road Encounter" in Inglés: "Upwind and Highway Encounter" (Catalog) Modern Art Museum Luis Astorga, Merida // upwind (Catalog) Fine ArtesCenter ofMaracaibo, Zulia. July // "ClaroyOscuro" inEnglish: "Light and Dark" (Catalog) Fine Arts Center of Maracaibo, Zulia // "Altares del Sur" in Inglés: "South Altars" (Catalog) Astrid Paredes Gallery, Caracas. From November 1 22 to // "Against the Wind" in Inglés: "Against the Wind" Barlovento (Catalog) Astrid Paredes Gallery, Caracas. 1991: "Claroy Dark" inEnglish: "Light and Dark" (Catalog), ArtShop700, Caracas 1990: "Light and Dark" in Inglés: "Light and Dark" (Catalog) Hall Mendoza, Caracas // TQQJ (Catalog) Art Sketch Gallery, Caracas // "anthological Semi" in Inglés: "Semi Anthology" (Catalog) Mays Lyon Gallery, Caracas. 1989: "Revival" (Catalog) MayzLyon Gallery, Caracas. 23toNovember 6 October. 1988: Warm Spaces Gallery, Ateneo de Caracas // Natura (Catalog) French Alliance, // Mayz Lyon Gallery, Caracas. 1986: "Habitaculando" (Catalog). Eight Art 14 September to October 5, 1986. Caracas // Today Art Gallery, Caracas // Painting, Drawing, Graphics (Catalog) Central University of Venezuela Gallery, from4to25May. Caracas. 1985: "Music paraSordos" in Inglés: "Music for theDeaf" (Catalog) Multiple HallInstituto Hotels.com guest Pedagógico. December // CEACenter, Guatire. 1984: Multiple HallArtDepartment Instituto Universitario Hotels.com guest. 1982: FreeArtWorkshop Riochico / HoyArtGallery.Caracas. 1981: "Freedom Linear" in Inglés: "Linear Freedom" (Catalog) Art Gallery, Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, April 30 14 to May. House of Culture, Curiepe // // CEA Center, Guatire. 1980: "Symbol and Freedom Linear" in Inglés: "Symbol and Linear Freedom" (Catalog) Spiral Gallery, School of Visual Arts Christopher Rojas, from June to 06 22, HouseofCultureLos Teques Caracas // // CulturalCenter Tacarigua deMamporal, Barlovento. 1979: "Symbols" in Inglés: "Symbols" (Catalog) Library of Central University of Venezuela UCVfrom18to30June 1979, Caracas.
Group shows 2015: WorldArtDayatIESA toPuroSculptureTropico. 2015: Angels of Light (Angels oflight), Maracaibo, CarolinHill Gallery. 2011: Art Center Daniel Suarez "Animalia" December 10. Urb. Qta Florida. Veneyork, Caracas, Venezuela (Catalog). 2011: French Alliance "vibrant" in Inglés: "vibrating" from 3 toNovember. 22Chacaito. (Postcards) 2006: "Downpour Project" in Inglés: "Downpour Project" (Catalog). Durban Segnini Gallery. August-September // Extraordinary Words. Alternative Artformz Gallery. Miami, Florida // Drawing Circle. The Kiss Gallery 1,800. Caracas. // February 5 Caribbean (Catalog). CulturalCenter PabloRuizPicasso. January. Torremolinos, Spain. 2005: Venezuela Embassy in Vienna // "Infinitus" (Catalog) Hotel Altamira, Caracas // Troy Celarg, Caracas // FIA 2005 (Catalog) Caracas, July // Felix Gallery. Caracas // Pixels (Catalog) Giacof Space Architecture, Caracas. // Comfort Zone Art Gallery (Catalog). Miami, Florida // Caracas toParis (Catalog) French Alliance ofParis, France.
2004: FIA of Caracas, July 2004. Industrial Bank of Venezuela // // Bellas Artes Museum, Caracas // HartmanArtGallery, Coral Gables, Florida // "Figuración Fabulación" in English: "Figuration romancing" (Catalog) MBA - Seguros La Previsora. Caracas // "Painting Venezolana" in Inglés: "Venezuelan Painting" (Catalog) Calendar. 2003: "Salve Corypha" (Catalog) Central University of Venezuela Gallery // Espace Meyer-Zafran // II Exxon Biennial - Mobile, National Art Gallery // XII National Exhibition of Art of San Felipe, Carmelo Fernández Museum, Yaracuy // Bank Industrial of Venezuela Foundation, Caracas // International Art Fair, Mexico // "ExpoArepa" (Catalog) Chappard Foundation, Caracas // "Devotions" in English: "Devotions" (Catalog) INCE Caracas. // Barichara Foundation Bogota, Colombia. // Figuration Apprentice, UPEL, Caracas Tamanaco // HotelGallery. 2002 "Peace" in Inglés: "Peace" (Catalog) Andean Development Corporation CAF, Caracas // 35 70 X (Catalog) Li Group // Miniature Biennial Graphics Luisa Palacios TAGA, Caracas // AraguaHall (Catalog) MAC Maracay / / DrawingCirclein Japan. 2001: First Biennial of Graphic Arts (Catalog). Museum of Prints and Design Carlos Cruz Diez // "Flor yCultura" inEnglish: "Flowerand Culture" (Catalog) CAF, Caracas. 2000: "Insitu" (Catalog) Blasini Gallery // 52nd Aragua Hall (Catalog) Maracay // "Confrontation" inEnglish: "Confrontation" (Catalog) Ateneode Caracas. 1999: 99 Itinéraire (Catalog) d 'Art Contemporain Exposition, Levallois, France // Circle Drawing, Japan. 1998: Art Current Venezuelan, BBK, Cologne, Germany // Sztuka Ameryki Poludniowej (Catalog). Bielska Gallery BWA, Poland. // "Cloudburst" in Inglés: "Downpour" (Catalog) Li Group. Caracas // Juan Lovera Hall (Catalog) // 56 Arturo Michelena Hall (Catalog) // "Joanill and his friends" in English: "Joan ill and his friends" (Catalog) Felix Gallery // I Tachira Art Hall (Catalog) Tachira, San Cristobal // III American Barro Biennial Roberto Guevara, Fine Arts Center Lia Bermudez, Maracaibo, Zulia // Biennial of Prints, Prints Museum and Carlos Cruz Diez Design, Caracas. 1997: 1997 Vénézuélinne Plastique, Ville de Ruil - Malmaison. Paris // Grands et Jeunes D'aujord'hui (Catalog) Espace Eiffel - Paris // Realités Nouvelles 51ºHall (Catalog) // 42nd Hall of Montrouge. France // "Between Water" in Inglés: "Between Waters" (Catalog). Cultural Hall Corpoven. Caracas // // Seven Pressures Medicci Gallery International Art Biennial (Catalog) Malta. 1996: Castilian Lancellotti, Lauro, Italy / Carib ArtGallery, Broadway, New York, USA // Collective Venezuela Week in Paris, Cloitre des Tickets, Paris, France // // // La Saison du Venezuela "figuration and abstraction" in Inglés "Figuration and Abstraction" (Catalog), Sharon's Gallery. Jewish Cultural Sports Center // "Background" in Inglés: "Background" (Catalog) Departmental National Institute of Culture of Callao, Peru // 1st Fax National Exhibition of Art (Catalog) Municipal ArtGallery. Maracay // "Footprint, Greater Dream" in Inglés: "Track, Dream & Surroundings" (Catalog) Municipal Museum of Modern Art Mendoza, Argentina // DifferentExpressions Tribute to Rodolfo Minumboc (Catalog) AVAP // 21 National Exhibition of Art Aragua ( Catalog) Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art Mario Abreu ofMaracay. 1995: New Expressions Hall III Landscape, Cultural Foundation Orinoco, Keyboard Museum, Caracas / Ateneo de Valencia, Carabobo // Ateneo de Caracas, Dtto. Federal // Ateneode Barcelona (Catalog) Anzoátegui. IIIBiennial ofArtof PuertolaCruz, Anzoátegui // First Rasegna Internazionale di Arti Visive (Catalog) Citta di Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Pallazzo Comunale di Sant'Angelodei Lombarda // Percorsi Internazionali (Catalog) Victor Hugo House of Culture, Avelino, Italy // 53rd visual Arts Arturo Michelena Hall (Catalog) Ateneo de Valencia, // "The Collection" in Inglés: "The Collection" (Catalog) The Museum of Modern Artin Merida, Juan AstorgaAnta.
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Vargas House Simon Bolivar University, La Guaira / Youth Graphics in Venezuela (Catalog) Gallery of School Barranquilla, Colombia // National Exhibition of Youth Ministry. (Catalog) International Youth Year // Universidad del Atlántico, Barranquilla, Colombia / Prize Antonio Monsanto, Visual Arts Exhibition, Arturo Michelena, Ateneo de Valencia, Carabobo.Ocho ArteGallery //// Cegra (Catalog). 1984-1993: Arturo Michelena National Hall, Valencia, Caracas // IV FUNDARTE Drawing Biennial, VisualArtsAlejandro Otero Museum, Caracas. 1984-1989: MunicipalHall.Caracas // NationalDrawing andPrints.Caracas. 1984: City Hall Central Bank of Venezuela, Caracas // Mention (only) in Painting, Aragua Hall, Maracay. 1983 to 2003: Participation in the National Exhibition of ArtAragua, Mario Abreu Museum, Maracay, Aragua. 1983: Visual Presence of the University Pedagogical Institute of Caracas // National Exhibition of Young Artists, Guipuzcoana House, FUNDARTE La Guaira // Exhibition of Young Artist National University. Ministry of Education // Graphic semester. IUPC and Art Department. 1982: Ocre Gallery.Caracas. 1981: School of Visual Arts Christopher Rojas, Caracas // II Painting Exhibition University Institute of Caracas, Second Prize // Espiral Gallery School of Visual ArtsChristopher Rojas // National Exhibition of Young Artists Museum of Contemporary Art Caracas // HouseofCultureLos Teques. 1980: Religious Magic Exhibition Municipal Council of Caracas // Ängel Boscan Gallery Central University of Venezuela // House of Culture Guarenas // Venezuela Corpoturismo Exhibition Hall // Association of Social Workers // UCV University Art Gallery (Catalog). 1979-1985: NationalExhibition ofYoung Artists, Venezuela. 1979: Fez CONACGallery // Insearch of Creativity ArmandoReveronGallery. 1978: Cultural Presence States. Exhibition of Young Painters FUNDARTE // Humanistic Center "Aristides Bastidas" // WestCONACArtsCenter FezGallery. 1976: "CarmeloFernández" Gallery.
2011: Dayof TheSaints andthe deadin Chacaíto, Caracas.
Collaborations and special events
2014: Participation intheauction to benefitthe hospital JM de losRios. 2014: Participation inGuaicook withpuretropical displayshows. 2014: Participation in theworkshop live (live painting class) intheschool area Bk. 2013: Participation in the workshop live (live painting class) at the cafe Three and Three with collaboration of KoresfromVenezuela tobenefit the "UnoMás" foundation. 2012: Participation in the workshop live (live painting class) in Thousand Flavors Festival, July Municipality ElHatillo, Caracas. 2012: Intervention of an ostrich egg to benefit the "Arte al Rescate" foundation July CaracasVenezuela. (Auctioned). 2012: Intervention ofatrayto benefitthe BANDESIRFoundation.
2012: Participationin theworkshop live (live painting class) in thenew class Hallcollege of SantaPaula. 2012: Participation in the workshop live (live painting class) and solo exhibition at the CollegeIntegral elAvila inTerrazas DelAvila located. 2012: Participation in the the middle of the CalleFestival in Chacao With the design and interventionof twoholy Marys. 2011: Launch of the BECO dishes in Collaboration With the Goodwill Foundation. (Participationdesigns for dishes) November 19BECOChacaíto, Caracas. 2011: Pictorial intervention ofoneofthe spoiledtobenefit theSocieven lions foundation. 2011: Participation in the workshop live (live painting class) for Don Bosco 88 school for family day. Retrospectiveexhibitionof worksfrom1990to2011.
Website: http://onofrefrias.com/site/
Participation Date: March 06 2017