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Surreal artwork with animals
Reydel Espinosa Fernandez
€ 8540 EUR
Chinese ink and watercolors on embossed cardboard (21x29,7 cm)
Antonio Manuel Trujillo Mena
€ 350 EUR
abstract artwork of an elephant on vinyl,
€ 100 EUR
My burrito and me
Unique piece made of handmade mosaic. Works can also be made to suit the client.
Mohamed Rimah Canam
€ 1000 EUR
Letting the soul out
Becoming a wolf
Isabel maria gomez martin
€ 70 EUR
Watercolor pelicans
Pelicans watercolor
Ines Lago Calero
€ 29 EUR
mackerel Sea Food Collection
Mackerel - Sea Food Collection
Natuca Requero Fernández
€ 60 EUR
холст, масло, 60х70
орест цюпко
€ 1250 EUR
Prints available
Breaks bones
Work completely carved by hand without the help of any type of electrical system. This work has been recreated in order to raise awareness in the community, for the preservation of our ...
Leidy Tatiana Ospina Holguin
€ 250 EUR
Rehiletes of pain
A work that addresses the underlying animal abuse in Bullfighting, at the same time works as a metaphor for other things that the viewer can intuit.
Angel Alonso Blanco
€ 2000 EUR
acrylic on paper.
€ 600 EUR
wolf soul
acrylic on paper.
€ 600 EUR
wild wolf
acylic on paper.
€ 420 EUR
Pig made of sheet metal, Acrylic. Actual size (76x1.20 cm). Abstraction.
Santi Alvarez-Dardet
Destruction (comic series Capsman)
I have broken with the two-dimension in a painting, simulating the disintegration expanding as pieces, and in certain pieces I expose symbolic scenes, that have happened that continue happening in ...
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 1500 EUR
The vivacious hummingbird
Street art, with brushes and satin paint, as quickly as possible, since it was under a security camera (mural of a private company)
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 5000 EUR
001 life fox
Fox 001.
Danice Color
€ 150 EUR
Bottle painted on the inside with special glass paint, it has not been cut to paint it, because the brushes are specially prepared for the work. It is accompanied with a cylindrical support ...
Joaquín De la Cruz Navareño
€ 1500 EUR
Memory of the lamb.
Antonio Anson Garcia
€ 250 EUR
20 results - showing 1 - 20