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Other portraits for sale online. Find Other Original portraits by talented artists of today. Buy Other Portraits directly to artists from around the world.
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The Lord
"The Lord", inks on canvas and mixed media. Dimensions: 50x40 cm. It will be received without frame. It belongs to the series "Experiences", about various revelations and contacts with the supernatural of God....
Nun Hammond
€ 1350 EUR
My first painting
Star Duarte González
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Sigmund Freud
Pedro Soria
€ 150 EUR
Antique style silhouette (commissioned portrait)
Silhouette made of quality black paper.
Pedro López Hernández
€ 3 EUR
Portrait, how I feel...
humor and music Juan Manuel Gualda Caballero (Tito Juan) Music, Books and Designs by TitoJuan SHOP ON WIX https://juanmgc74.wixsite.com/titojuanmerch/ SHOP ON...
Titus John
€ 25 EUR
Drawing made by scratchboard. Drawing done using Scratchboard.
Harriet Morillo Williams
€ 300 EUR
Paul's portrait
Watercolor on paper by 300gr.
Santi Alvarez-Dardet
The old woman
Portrait based on ceramic tiles. Shipping may vary depending on the place of shipment.
Antonio López Caro
€ 80 EUR
Nothing scares me
The technique of Airbrushing is a passage to the extraordinary world, where everything can and is competed with a perfect photographic finish, the Airbrush even surpasses it ....
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 600 EUR
Red eye
own work in acrylic on wood
ingrid becker
€ 7 EUR
Muralist airbrush
muralista airbrushing, the designs are created by my authors according to the tastes or priorities of the client, this type of projects can be made in various surfaces and sizes
David Feernando Ramirez Pedrero
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Contact artist
A little art
Making a graphite step by step
Hugo Gomez
On display
morning coffee
Portrait of my wife only miss coffee.
Irina Machin Cedeño
On display
Queen Ifrika
Queen Ifrika, singer of reggae music. Painted in acrylic, dimensions of about 33cm x 45cm on blanket.
Girlany Murillo Torres
€ 55 EUR
Marley brothers
Marley Brothers: Ziggy, Julian, Damian, Stephen and Ky-Mani painted in acrylic on blanket. The work is about 45cm x 1, 15m
Girlany Murillo Torres
€ 100 EUR
Portrait of Dennis Brown
Portrait of Dennis Brown, was a reggae musician. It is painted with acrylic on blanket. Measurements are approximately 33cm 45cm wide and long.
Girlany Murillo Torres
€ 55 EUR
Portrait of Lucky Dube
Portrait of Lucky Dube in acrylic on blanket 31cm wide x 44cm long
Girlany Murillo Torres
€ 55 EUR
Portrait of Lauryn Hill
Portrait of Lauryn Hill in acrylic - White and black / on canva 40cm high x 30 wide
Girlany Murillo Torres
€ 90 EUR
Bic pen portrait Amelie
Ximenez Cid
€ 70 EUR
Bic pen drawing
Ximenez Cid
€ 70 EUR
The mosaic consists of 2300 parts in six colors. Cms X 76,8 76,8 measures, and is based on the creations of Pop Art. The Lego bases and the pieces are ...
Laura Pulido
€ 750 EUR
24 results - showing 1 - 24