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Buy Paintings Landscapes Country Bridges. Original paintings, rural landscape paintings Bridges oil and other techniques. Unique pieces by talented artists of today. Buy original art directly to the author and supports independent artists from around the world.
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Oil on canvas 50x70 cm
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 100 EUR
River landscape. Pictures for rooms
Oil landscape painting about the birth of the Ubagua river in Navarra. A wide view of the river with transparency of the rocks and the reflection of the trees. For...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
€ 440 EUR
Bridge over the river.
This is one of those beautiful places, where the action of man integrates perfectly with nature creating a natural space worthy of being enjoyed and as not ...
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 260 EUR
A corner in the forest
Landscape of a lake between the trees and a bridge. Acrylic on canvas.
Fabiana Iglesias
€ 600 EUR
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Easter evening
Landscape with church among a forest and mountains. A creek runs nearby and in it there is a small bridge. Acrylic on canvas.
Fabiana Iglesias
€ 600 EUR
Oil painted on tables and not the price negotiated because of its low cost. Should not what I expected admit their return. The cost of this in ...
€ 40 EUR
Lijiang, China 31x41 2009.JPG
original and unique watercolor of Lijiang in China.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 210 EUR
Cangas de Onis, Asturias 50x35 2002.JPG
Watercolor bridge in Cangas de Onis in Asturias.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 200 EUR
View of the Ason.
It is a vision bird's eye view of the river Ason up to the old bridge.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 240 EUR
Rio Ason in Ramales de la Victoria
This is the Ason River passing through the town of Ramales de la Victoria. This beautiful village has a stunning natural setting, surrounded by vegetation, rivers full of ...
Santi Goñi Guemes
Rio Sil passing through O Barco
It is a painting of the river Sil passing through O Barco de Valdeorras. This painting is made from one of the bridges that cross it.
Santi Goñi Guemes
Carlos Gata Cabello
€ 450 EUR
Rocky bridge over the river
TMara J. Alonso
€ 35 EUR
Ruben Baez Rodriguez
€ 120 EUR
This is a work of pastel painting, on gray Canson Mi-teintes paper.
Victor Hugo Villa Rodriguez
€ 200 EUR
Antrialgo Bridge
Antrialgo rural bridge
Barbara Mendez Zapico
€ 100 EUR
Watercolor on 300grs paper with passpartout and without frame.
Alejandro Fidelio
On display
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D Sutt
€ 700 EUR
Picture that reflects the typical Russian winter mornings. Picture painted in oil from the contemplation of nature and landscape. Dimensions: 60X45
Tatiana Krylova
€ 70 EUR
Landscape road of santiago
This is a painting for an exhibition on the Camino de Santiago, two years ago I had the opportunity to do it and you find incredible landscapes, this ...
Pilar Ruiz Palacios
€ 3000 EUR
Puente la Ribera
Puente la Ribera, El Pedroso Sevilla
Juan Claro Manuel Oliva
€ 800 EUR
Roman bridge Allariz. Galicia
Beautiful Roman bridge located in Allariz, autumn.
Jose Luis Dominguez Aguilar
€ 700 EUR
Roman bridge
Oil on canvas. 61X50 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 120 EUR
Next to puente.jpg
Next to the bridge.
Maria Ines Emparan
€ 80 EUR
Enchanted Forest
ECHO Oil Painting with brush and spatula.
€ 180 EUR
Bridge in Asturias
Asturias landscape with stream and bridge.
Mercedes Gonzalez Marmolejo
€ 150 EUR
The Darro
Carrera del Darro by Granada. Paseo de los Tristes.
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Catalan Jordi Paintings
Mountain landscape with river and bridge. Espot village
Catalan Jordi Fuster
On display
Acrylic on canvas
Maria Jose
€ 200 EUR
33 results - showing 1 - 33