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Underwater scenery

Original paintings of underwater landscapes

Buy original paintings by Underwater scenery, unique pieces by talented artists of today. Underwater scenery boxes painted in oil and other techniques for sale online. Buy directly from the author and supports independent artists from around the world.
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Open carefully
Open carefully. That is what is written on the label. Perhaps so as not to alter the underwater world within ... Mermaids, those beautiful creatures that with a song ...
Water And Watercolor
€ 30 EUR
Between corals
With this painting I want to represent the beauty of the seabed, the light, the color and the silence that is in them
Dove Perez Jubindo
€ 650 EUR
Abyssal Landscape
Abyssal Landscape
Pinch Klub
€ 250 EUR
Mermaid-Mystery or Myth!
Oil and acrylic painting on canvas with hand molded ceramic work and embellishments that adds to 3rd dimension to the art piece.
Sarandha DL
€ 1200 EUR
School of fish Disco.jpg
It is a composition formed by 4 tiles of 20x20 cm each decorated with ceramic glazes (cooked at 980 ° C) that are mounted on a wooden support ...
Daniel Domínguez García
€ 150 EUR
The baby of the pearl.jpg
Oil painting on marine theme table and realistic style. The painting is made on a wooden board of 2 cm thick that is ...
Daniel Domínguez García
€ 300 EUR
Eclipses under the sea.jpg
Oil painting on canvas of marine theme and hyper-realistic style. * The canvas is mounted on a wide frame (4cm) in whose lateral 4 the ...
Daniel Domínguez García
€ 800 EUR
'' Marine Garden ''
Hyperrealist style oil painting. It represents an underwater bottom with a great variety of rocks, corals, plants, marine sponges, etc. * The canvas is mounted on ...
Daniel Domínguez García
€ 800 EUR
Work that belongs to the fossil marine series. The different textures combine to create a fossilized marine space
Theo Trujillo Antoli
€ 1500 EUR
Relaxing landscape
Translation and Localization
€ 120 EUR
African shoal
Oil on canvas high quality, was on display at the Gallery "La Bodeguita del Arte" in Bogota - Colombia. Ships in ...
Hernan Acevedo
€ 4000 EUR
11 results - showing 1 - 11