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Cathedral of Salamanca
The watercolor of the cathedral of Salamanca
Anastasia Vcherashnyuk
€ 35 EUR
Cathedral of Salamanca
The painting of the Salamanca Cathedral
Anastasia Vcherashnyuk
€ 35 EUR
Cathedral of Salamanca
The painting of the Salamanca Cathedral
Anastasia Vcherashnyuk
€ 35 EUR
Santiago Cathedral.jpg
It is an oil painting of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
Mar Díaz Pérez
€ 190 EUR
San Lorenzo Square, Segovia
Watercolor of the church of San Lorenzo, Segovia. Made in Canson Montval thick grain paper. Size 31x39 cm, year: 29019, author. Gregorio luelmo Serra
Gregorio Luelmo Serra
€ 125 EUR
Gate of San Cebrián, Segovia
Title of the work: Door of San Cebrián, Segovia Watercolor made in Rembrandt paper coarse grain of 300g, size: 21x29,7 cm. Artist Gregorio Luelmo Serra. Year: 2019
Gregorio Luelmo Serra
€ 125 EUR
“There is a lapse in Genesis. And it does not say when the headlights were conceived. They are human work, but belong to a special order of nature (...) The ...
€ 290 EUR
Culture is never forgotten, these intangible beings are always symbolized in many places of the world, their ancestral contribution mythical, anthropomorphs waiting as protector, Culture Inspiration ...
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 180 EUR
A street in Granada. I was never in Granada, but I saw a photograph that inspired me to color some rainy days ..
Danijela Kocic _
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67 landscape
Original watercolor. Signed by Jose Luis Castro Molina. 2015. Original watercolor.
Jose Luis Castro Molina
€ 100 EUR
Portes Spain free European Community € 120 USA -Canada ...
€ 890 EUR
oil on canvas
Vyara Tichkova
€ 700 EUR
the Old town
oil on canvas
Vyara Tichkova
€ 800 EUR
the Antique theater
oil on canvas
Vyara Tichkova
€ 1500 EUR
oil on canvas
Vyara Tichkova
€ 650 EUR
"father and son"
Acrylic on board, 95 x 30 cm. View of the Cathedral of Granada.
Begoña González López
€ 800 EUR
The Blue Door
In this painting you can see a typical door of Andalusian villages that were in patios and entrances to neighboring patios.
Mrs. Jose Fernandez
€ 115 EUR
Venice waterway. Bridge.
Venice waterway. Bridge. Original. Size: 45x55cm. Technique: Oil on board. Framing.
Vicente José Navarro Plans
€ 650 EUR
Venice Canal
Canal de Venecia Product Details Original. Size: 80x60cm. Technique: Oil on canvas. Framing.
Vicente José Navarro Plans
€ 1100 EUR
"Detail of the Cathedral of Cuenca"
"Detail of the Cathedral of Cuenca" oil on canvas, 89cm x 116cm
Fernando Moya Román
€ 650 EUR
Favels # 1
Mixed technical table
Juan Llorente Garcia
€ 450 EUR
The cross of the dog
Collage on acrylic and spray using 17th century lithographs
Alonso Figueroa
€ 70 EUR
Abd-ar-Rahman ibn Hisham
Abd-ar-Rahman ibn Hisham, sultan of Morocco, leaving his palace in Mekinez, surrounded by his guard and his chief officers. In 1845, Delacroix exposes in ...
Antonio Iglesias Fernadez
€ 25000 EUR
Old station of Xativa
Acrylic (with some details in ink and marker) on MDF board glued to the frame. Measures of 85 x 120 cm.
€ 300 EUR
Urban 9
Urban 9 50x40 Puertas de Oaxaca - Mexico 2017
Claudia Peraita Collazo
€ 175 EUR
Painting in watercolor.
Oscar Gilberto De la Cruz Garcia
€ 300 EUR
Work selected for a competition at Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid of the SUR school, "Today is a typical day in the middle of 2030".
Isabel Valhondo Hidalgo
€ 50 EUR
CARE (81x65)
Oil of the series "Balcones"
Pepe Garcés
€ 250 EUR
A Day at the Eiffel Tower
Work of 3 pieces ... Made entirely by hand ... high quality materials .. framed in glass and white fine wood frames with white edges ... Paris
victor jimenez
€ 3000 EUR
Work Walk by Tunez (Mª José Páez) .png
It is an original work of the author
MªJosé Páez Reyes
€ 1700 EUR
Work on glued paper, oil on acrylic base
Javier Gerardo Pérez López
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Amaia Aizpun García
€ 1250 EUR
What are some stairs doing in the middle of such a desolate scene? stairs that mark a step and that can contrast and mime with your surroundings, how do you feel ...
pedro eliecer cancino towers
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Porcelain corals
Patricia Urruchi Solorzano
€ 190 EUR
My beautiful Alhambra
Oil on agglomerate.
Mª José Muñoz Arias
On display
Beautiful watercolor, totally original, made on paper.
Laura Carrique Lopez
€ 200 EUR
Rizoma nro12.jpg
Rizoma nro 12. 150x150cm. Mixed technique: indelible marker on canvas, white acrylic, matt acrylic varnish.
Iván Juárez Guerra
€ 1000 EUR
house cabot
It is an original and exclusive work, of many hours of work done to ink pen is framed with a white frame and matt glass
€ 1000 EUR
Plaza of Spain
North Tower of Plaza de España, Seville
Carlos Ariza Gómez
€ 45 EUR
View of the Cathedral of Valladolid
View of the facade of the cathedral of Valladolid from the street Regalado
Ana Sendino
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Cathedral Sacred Heart of Jesus, Puntarenas
Work done in watercolor and pen of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Allan Jiménez Torrentes
€ 120 EUR
Color of the life
It is a work with a different style and colornpor that color for me represents life as the feelings
Jose Bolado
€ 350 EUR
Cathedral of mist and mist
Watercolor on paper of the Cathedral of Gerona
Maria Busquets Frigola
€ 200 EUR
Church of the port, Xàbia
Watercolor that represents an urban scene at night, in particular the church of the port "Mare de deu del Loreto" of Jávea-Xàbia. In this work is reflected the effect of lights ...
€ 600 EUR
Title: "Door". 146x114 cm. Acrylic on canvas.
Gustau Donat Pons
€ 900 EUR
My House
Contact us for shipping methods. Price in Euros can vary according to inflation Price of the work in Mexican pesos (MXN) ... $ 2,200.
All Art. Mexico
€ 108 EUR
€ 600 EUR
Alhambra from the sky
The city of Granada from every corner inspires us the opportunity to discover new faces of the Alhambra, flagship monument of the city.
Fran Torres
€ 850 EUR
Oil on canvas. Leon town in autumn
Roberto Giménez Sáez
On display
266 results - showing 151 - 200
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