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compassion for Traitors
Canvas on synthetic canvas customized in acrylics, spray and airbrush starting from a laser impression of the original in high quality (the result is that of the photos) ...
Sergio Soda Soda
€ 75 EUR
Canvas on synthetic canvas customized in acrylics, spray and airbrush starting from a laser impression of the original in high quality (the result is that of the photos) ...
Sergio Soda Soda
€ 75 EUR
Pure Hearts
Canvas on synthetic canvas customized in acrylics, spray and airbrush starting from a laser impression of the original in high quality (the result is that of the photos) ...
Sergio Soda Soda
€ 75 EUR
Sad Worker
Painted by SERGIOSODA (Since 1993) in 2018
Sergio Soda Soda
Sexy without knowing it
Without knowing it you are sexy, because looking at you until enlightenment focuses on you.
Ana Martín Vázquez
€ 250 EUR
Feel like burning blood in your veins, noticing how thoughts freeze and feelings burn. Wait for a coffee, write while in the newspaper, look in the ...
Lola Bellido Martín
€ 150 EUR
Original. Size: 80x60cm. Technique: Oil on canvas. Without framing
Vicente José Navarro Plans
€ 560 EUR
Backlighting. Alabarracín.
watercolor on paper
On display
Every morningIV.jpg
Work framed in white with mat
Ana Llestin
€ 475 EUR
Society / Society
€ 4500 EUR
The force of the joie
"La force de la joie", acrylic painting on lin canvas 73 / 54 cm, with palette knife, 25-27 mars 2019
Daciana Pszota
€ 500 EUR
Do not miss the opportunity to acquire the work of a great artist
Eduardo Flores Carrillo
€ 150 EUR
brexit way out to nowhere
after experience brexit referendum living in uk and the reaction of the brexiter, I promise myself to create by simbol a brexit artwork. londoner chav standing on european flag with ...
Hugo Cano Diaz
€ 200 EUR
I only ship to Spain. I do not frame it because I think that is something very personal, although I reflect it in the price of the work.
Jose Maria Maortua Miranda
€ 50 EUR
Sins and the world
César Benítez Sanmartín
€ 250 EUR
Tranquility on the Shore
Without framing, the frame is something very personal so I do not include it.
Jose Maria Maortua Miranda
€ 80 EUR
This is a test
Bilel Chkir
On display
Original painting made in oil on canvas mounted on wooden frame. Original painting Works ...
Oscar Losada Ortega
On display
It was the color in a dream that inspired the overall concept of the work, a feeling. Uniting the idea of ​​the strength that both color and ...
MªÁngeles Gómez Castro
€ 270 EUR
Fusion of styles.
Vicente bouquets
€ 40 EUR
Acrylic on wood.
€ 250 EUR
african boat
Beautiful african sunset in warm colors. Place it in any corner of your house, to have a unique and majestic style. Measurements: (side panels) Width: 30 cm Height: 40 ...
Regorcram pictures
€ 90 EUR
7 seconds
Unique piece.
Olga CC
€ 222 EUR
Giraffe trippy. Work done with oil, metallic paint and POSKA retulators.
Juan Manuel Marchal Fernández
€ 1410 EUR
Figure-portrait in a world of dreams, monochrome on acetate.
José Palao García
€ 400 EUR
The transience of memories
The transience of memories
€ 550 EUR
Paris, 1940
It is a realistic work with touches of pop art in which we find, on the one hand, the interpretation of the photograph taken by Georges Mejat to the French people ...
Luis Simo Crespo
€ 450 EUR
Plaid Landscape
Checkered landscape painted on canvas. Surrealism. Colorful
Raul Vicioso Martinez
€ 90 EUR
Country: Spain Category: Painting Support: Canvas Technique: Thematic Oil: Skulls Measurements: 35x45 cm On Ebay since: 13 September 2018 ...
irene Fernandez Garcia
Pictures of artificial succulent plants, small vertical gardens that do not need to be watered.
€ 20 EUR
Night song
Author: Yanira Bustamante Date: 2018 Technique: Oil on canvas Dimension: 100 x 120 cm
Guerthy Buenrostro Navarro
€ 1171 EUR
Oricios 146x114 year 2015.jpg
Title: Oricios Dimension: 146x114 Artist: Antonio Domínguez de Haro Year: 2015
Antonio Domínguez de Haro
€ 80000 EUR
Copla Amarga
CONCEPT OF THE WORK: This picture raises the remoteness of loved ones as a source of bitterness. At the level of signifiers in the work, the silhouette of the ...
Carles Páez Valls
€ 3575 EUR
Between life and death
The time in which the work was performed, was in the course of 2 months.
Jose Macias Star
€ 700 EUR
The love of caring for another living being and making it feel safe
Denisse Ramirez Hernandez
€ 240 EUR
"Mexico" is a work that represents a spiritual scene that identifies the Mexican as the war of two cultures.
Alejandro Barba Camarena
€ 700 EUR
Summer at Playa Misericordia
Acrylic on canvas. It is located in the Gallery of the dock one of Malaga capital in front of the entrance of the Ponpidou museum.
Marzio Girola Ferrari
€ 310 EUR
In the lake
The painting emerges in intuitive painting without intentionally proposing it, spots that are defined as a form ... suddenly a fish appears!
Carmen Cazorla Maestre
€ 250 EUR
Portrait-studio Anna Varney
Portrait-studio made in mixed technique that consisted basically of acrylics and pastel pencils.
Luriq Berber
€ 50 EUR
Turbulences by JoAnn
Work done with quality materials
JoAnn FineArt
€ 150 EUR
The beauty of pain
This painting is the first painting. It is made of oils, it is not at all professional, rather spontaneous. Direct from my room. (I did not know which category to choose, by the way) ...
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Warrior Shadow
Created from the honest feelings of this server
Deiby Fernando Paneso Galvis
€ 150 EUR
The coffee of hope
It is a small painting, inspired by a mandala. My boyfriend and my nin we like coffee but we are always going to drink coffee to undertake dreams and business ...
Sarina Hayon Hassan
€ 38 EUR
Original and unique picture.
Juan Manuel Evangelista García
€ 2500 EUR
light at the end of the tunel.jpg
Painted on canvas. Unique piece.
Simone Wille
€ 149 EUR
No Title
Unique work of Spontaneous Realism
Sara Loaiza González
€ 350 EUR
"My work is contemplative and experimental based on a philosophical explore on different energetic surfaces, those are revealed in shapes and characters sensed in an ex-tra-sensorial approach. ...
Mau Pavon
€ 399 EUR
362 results - showing 101 - 150
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