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Deer and elk

Original paintings of deer and elk

Buy original paintings of deer and elk, unique pieces by talented artists of today. Deer and elk pictures painted in oil and other techniques for sale online. Purchased directly from the author and supports independent artists from around the world.
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Summer Landscape
Beautiful work that reflects the beautiful landscape of a silent afternoon and free from human intervention.
Mario Alberto Silgado Almaris
€ 250 EUR
AMAQTEDU is a social project that develops training courses and personal development related to art for homeless and at risk of exclusion with a duration of ...
€ 90 EUR
As an artist I am in search of situations, images, materials, techniques, emotions, visions, I am prone to lust for my inspirations, because after all, this regrettable society, this exaggeratedly sexual century has ...
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 400 EUR
Morning Dew
Portrait of animal (deer) with vintage typography (Morning Dew)
jose andujar matalobos
€ 400 EUR
Dam or hunter?
"Prey or hunter?" is a painting made in acrylic, with canvas, during the cold winter of Santander, Cantabria, in the year 2017. Represents a hunter, with head of ...
Audra Rodriguez Molliex
€ 290 EUR
Geometric Deer
Art work based on MDF wood, made in acrylic, and geometric art.
LINA MARTINEZ linalimon_11@live.com.ar
€ 100 EUR
The work is based on the instincts of the interior that have the beat of the human being, like a latent stampede, where our reflexes make us innate to the most needs ...
César Augusto Rodríguez Gómez
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Nymph and deer-1.jpg
A scene where the presence of a nature spirit (nymph) and a deer shown. The picture shows a scene full of tenderness amid ...
€ 350 EUR
Deer eyes flower
Painting done in oil and acrylic on wood
Beatriz Gil Abaitua
On display
Although the frame size is 20 28 x cm, the total size of the piece is 29 37 x cm, since winding is sent, as a matter ...
Sergio Castro Rodríguez
€ 110 EUR
Doe on paper
Elena Gil Juana
€ 190 EUR
The people of Pardo
A modern and very decorative picture with a childish and humoristic touch, the spark of my own personality A modern and very decorative paint ...
€ 400 EUR
€ 300 EUR
13 results - showing 1 - 13