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The escape
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2015 Juan Serrano, All rights reserved.

Juan Serrano

"La huída"

The escape

Original, Watercolor on Cardboard, Single Piece

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Watercolor on Card
Sizes: 29 cm wide x 21 cm high.
Year: 2015
Watercolor on Arches / fine-grained

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Published in Artenet since: September 03, 2015
Last Updated: April 28, 2018

  • Details of the original work

    Painting Watercolor on Cardboard
    Sizes: 29 cm x 21 cm.
    Year Created: 2015

    Style / Topic

    Style: Illustration
    Theme: Fantasy

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    illustration for story


    Watercolor on Arches / fine-grained
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    Hi John.
    I love your job. This watercolor is impressive. Apart it is one of the techniques I see it more complicated.
    The animals you are also given of fear. I do not know what to stay :). You have a lot of imagination and versatility, even in darker or Gothic theme. Do you know the work of Luis Royo ?. His technique is airbrush. He has conducted numerous covers of comics and books. Reminds me of your work. Have blog or website?
    I am a fan of art, I am not a professional or anything like that. But I do my stuff. Especially pen. Although what I have stated here is other techniques, lithography, woodcut and cake.
    A greeting.

    Owner's reply

    Marisa Hello, thank you for your words, really. Of course I know Royo, long ago, when I was little and I liked his illustrations. I spend my professional blog, so you can see samples of my work:

    Thanks again for your interest !!

    Best regards,

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The escape
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The escape
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