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Biography: Patricia Triventi

Born in Bahía Blanca.

Her love for drawing led her to work in apparel and accessories design. She was professor of Technological Education, and of Artisan and Technical in public schools for many years.

He began to have an ongoing relationship with the visual arts, studying a degree in Visual Arts at the National University of Art and taking classes in the workshops of Miguel Bengochea, Willy Beruti and Iris No.

Patricia creates different themes in her work, alternating the use of oils and acrylics in the materials. One traversed by his work shows that he has gone through different periods: abstraction, where he expresses Hindu symbolism, naturalism and figuration.

In his paintings there is a strong expressive integration, simplicity and a clear aesthetic; thus, his work evolves and is aggiornando through each series; It is transgressive, and constantly seeks new ways, creating new evocations.

The chromatic harmony is given by the use of a palette of intense, bright, full colors; plays with the textures in the details, uses flat brush strokes and worked, achieving a combination in perfect amalgam with the neutral background of the work.

These details make us stop at the observation; perfectly assembled tonalities where we can recognize his personal style, his warmth and simplicity.

The use of lights and shadows accentuates the spatial depth. As much in the identifiable objects by its verisimilitude as in the treatment of the figures, especially the human one, its great expressive capacity and referential power of the outer and inner world stand out.

Patricia says: "I aspire to create a visual art in which the viewer feels connected to the work as if he were listening to a story around a stove."

This loving treatment of the work as a whole, that love for the colors of nature, result in a universe full of creativity and subtle harmony.

Lic. Claudia Sanzi
English speaker: Si
Website: http://patriciatriventi.com/
Participation Date: March 19 2019