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angel with ciborium
Category: Checkered
Condition: Sold
Albedo Al-kimiya collection
Category: Drawings
Condition: Sold
The Arguile
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Biography: R. Bulhosen (Romina Abu l Hasan) is born the 10 of November of 1978. Of Lebanese origin, he began his artistic career at 1991.

Young writer (demiurge), alchemist, painter and film producer. He studies them at Lumiere Cinematográficos and concludes them in Los Angeles, California, at the Hollywood Art Institute. His work includes several novels, short stories, film scripts and poetry.

Among the most outstanding are titles such as Honor and Destiny, Nicrophilia, De-mind, Avelino, The Man of the Carnation, and coming out his books Mysteries and Cities and The Initiate, among others.

Last year he received several recognitions for his literary work entitled Toca mi piel, among which is that of the Mexican Institute of Sciences and Humanities of UNAM and the Lebanese Center.

During his career he has been a participant in several television productions, short films, postproduction and editing of several films.

She has ventured into the theater as director several staging, among them De-mente, Elisa, Los Niños de la calle, short films and several television films.

She is currently the director of Bc Producciones México, member of the association Mujeres en el Cine y TV México and founder of the Confraternity of Literature, Arts and Sciences of Mexico City, as well as member and international communicator of Rosea.

In painting he has managed to capture his surrealist style with diverse materials such as oil, acrylics, charcoal and watercolors, transforming the essence of a simple canvas into a conjugation of dreams, poetry and painting.

During his career he has participated in various group exhibitions, also featuring individual exhibitions, sponsored by institutions and cultural centers both nationally and internationally, such as the Spanish Cultural Center of Ateneo de México, AC, the House of Culture 'Álamos', Café Holi-Art Gallery Gallery, Azcapotzalco Museum (MUAR) and ANAPCAA, AC (National Association of Artistic Artists and Antiques Art Dealers, AC), which has close ties with Christie's Gallery in San Antonio, Tx.

Several awards received this year:

Senate of the Republic. Congress and Cinema and Theater Conference in Middle Eastern Countries.

Appointment as Ambassador of Arts and Culture by the Government of the state of Chihuahua.

Embassy of Lebanon. Recognition as a film producer and writer.

Recognition Mexican Legends (Journalists Club of Mexico) for her career as a writer and producer.

Embassy of Lebanon for its participation in the Cultural Week of Lebanon.
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Participation Date: October 08 2017