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Reviews written by Barona

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BaronaBarona May 2, 2017

I really like the different shades and contrasts you've got. A greeting.

BaronaBarona May 2, 2017

I like the color of the work with its contrast between the blue of the walls and the yellow of the floor with its various tones, highlighting the two figures by ...

BaronaBarona January 13, 2016


I like the composition of the work, the colors and tones used. I love also the depth you've accomplished and the contrast between the backdrop ...

BaronaBarona August 19


I like this work by the contrast of colors, the shades and hues. I really like the combination of warm background colors. And combination of colors creating a ...

BaronaBarona August 06

I'm sorry to forget but I forget

I really like your canvas. You create a very nice visual environment with lights and shadows that you've managed to capture in the box, and the color scheme ...

5 results - showing 1 - 5