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Artist Works
Cusco - 21st Century
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: We present the work of the outstanding painter Salvador Velarde, with a marked classic figurative tendency and that keeps the landscape as a recurring theme in his works. Salvador Velarde is a classic artist, and is assumed as such revaluing the figurative "I like the figurative and classical painting attracts me a lot, the most current art seems a little boring; the figurative-classic motivates me much more "(Velarde).
Also, it has approached the female nude as a parallel exercise, in this series, it was characterized as a slow construction drawing, in which the female character is the central symbol "representing the canon, order, meaning, refuge, the law, reason, that is, a cathedral, the center of civilization. "

English speaker: Si
Website: https://salvador1velarde.wordpress.com/ - vimeo.com/210956742
Participation Date: 28 September 2017