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original work in high temperature glazed terracotta
joaquin mayorga
€ 490 EUR
Part No. 22
Piece made, in stoneware plates with engobe. Cooking: Oxidation and reduction.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 3800 EUR
Part No. 15
Picture, in red mud. Cooking: Oxidation and reduction. Technique: Dry rope and enamel.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 2450 EUR
Part No. 13
Piece made, in red mud. Cooking: Oxidation and reduction Technique: Dry rope and enamel.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 2450 EUR
Part No. 19
Refractory piece, made around. Cooking: Oxidation
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 650 EUR
Part No. 12
Piece made, with refractory and porcelain. Cooking: Oxidation
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 2900 EUR
Part No. 18
Piece of red mud, made around, (offset). Cooking: Oxidation and reduction.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 65 EUR
Part No. 10
Piece made with red mud and terra Sigillata in oxidation.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 650 EUR
Pieces No. 7
Red clay pieces. Cooking: Oxidation Technique: dry rope and low temperature enamel.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 245 EUR
Part No. 8
Piece of red mud. Cooking: Oxidation and reduction.
Contxi Mendigutxía
€ 650 EUR
Work composed of ceramic material and rusty steel cable
Pere Marti Jane
€ 300 EUR
Ceramic sculpture modeled in earthenware, decorated with ceramic pigments and enamels and fired at 980 ° C. Dimensions: 33,5 x 15 x 4,5 cm
Daniel Domínguez García
€ 68 EUR
The ladder of life.jpg
Ceramic sculpture made of stoneware, enameled, fired at 1260 ° C and with a mirror mounted on its interior base. Dimensions: 36.5 cm (diameter) x 25 cm (height) ...
Daniel Domínguez García
€ 200 EUR
Ceramic diving suit
Reproduction of a ceramic diving suit (chamotte clay) finished in ceramic glazes and oxides.
Juan José Revuelta
€ 280 EUR
Explosion II. 2015
Explosion II. 2015 - Ceramic sculpture from art series «Explosion». One of a kind sculpture. Certificate of authenticity is included. Working with art series ...
Yuriy Musatov Yuriy Musatov
On display
Bust of La Piedad
Bust in refractaria ceramics. Made by hand
Roberto Zotes Lopez
€ 4100 EUR
Ceramic at the high temperature and fiber of arnoldo Lacandona jungle. Sculpture
Consuelo Velázquez
€ 2487 EUR
Mountain (2015). Ceramic paste 30x58x15 The work has been exposed.
VBJ Project
€ 200 EUR
Original and unique bust in high temperature refractory ceramics in ethnifi style
Juan Lux Lutum
€ 450 EUR
The 10% will be donated to help battered animals. Art and solidarity
Ester Bouzada Arellano
€ 250 EUR
The couple
The work is created in stoneware. Cooking in reduction.
€ 5000 EUR
manuela zarate jarron algae copy.jpg
The plastic narrative embodied in this proposal is permeated by the enigmatic sensation of the multiple existences and the multidirectional bridges between the poetics of the image and the expression ...
Manuela Zárate Vargas
€ 764 EUR
Mexican Granny
Rogelio Ledesma Hair
€ 303 EUR
Like a runaway river, time runs unstoppable, impossible to stop, reminding us that we are mortal.
Luis Herranz Santos
Original and unique work made in black clay and wax.
Berta JIménez Martínez
€ 280 EUR
€ 6000 EUR
Conej @
This work is made of porcelain, decorated and enamelled. is part of a collection of seven pieces in which different types of sexuality are reflected, a work loaded with ...
Cristina Salvans Moreso
€ 950 EUR
Up to date
Stoneware partially enameled. Iron stand and wooden stand.
Javier Robles
€ 195 EUR
Ceramic piece, geometrism, composed by several parts embedded with mobility.
Elisabet Escalante
€ 2500 EUR
Expression of "Castells"
Josep M. Miró Pastó
On display
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