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"Lingerie" Pen and marker on gray Canson paper 160gr.
Olivia Caballero González
€ 120 EUR
Prints available
€ 350 EUR
The Confident Joker
“The Confident Wildcard” Oil on canvas 50x50cm.
Olivia Caballero González
€ 275 EUR
Prints available
Ink Life
"Ink Life" Oil on canvas 100x85cm.
Olivia Caballero González
"Resurgir" 29,5x21cm Pencil and marker drawing on Canson 140gr paper. Believe, pretend or be strong? How important it is that these three circumstances occur in order not to feel vulnerable, to be ...
Olivia Caballero González
€ 150 EUR
"Imborrable" Pencil drawing on Canson A3 paper by 130gr.
Olivia Caballero González
€ 200 EUR
"Evasion" Pastel drawing and marker on Canson paper A3 150gr.
Olivia Caballero González
"Dog 2"
"Dog 2" Pencil Drawing on Canson Paper 150gr A4
Olivia Caballero González
€ 150 EUR
"Empowered" Mixed on canvas of 80x60cm "Censorship is not only in the networks; It is on the street and inhabits many houses. Good thing there will always be someone who knows ...
Olivia Caballero González
JUSTocomoLOVEo - Valentina
JUSTocomoLOVEo - Valentina Work done in watercolor.
Sandra Gonzalez Jimenez
€ 35 EUR
JUSTocomoLOVEo - Queen
Work in ink, watercolor and charcoal
Sandra Gonzalez Jimenez
€ 35 EUR
CAPTION "JUSTocomoLOVEo" Mixed technique in black and gold ink, and watercolor Delivered with certificate of authenticity
Sandra Gonzalez Jimenez
€ 30 EUR
Body pink.
It is a work that presents a beautiful blonde with a pink body.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 200 EUR
Illustration done with a fountain pen using the technique of the line, based on a fashion collection I made.
Santiago Valencia Giraldo
€ 50 EUR
"The universe in your home or office"
Carolina Garcia Gonzalez
€ 60 EUR
Blue sky
Illustration portrait from a fashion photograph.
€ 50 EUR
Original work Made with ink Signed
Maria Rebolleda Barta
€ 9 EUR
I am a woman, I am a feminist
Title: I am a woman, I am a feminist Artist: Noelia Muriana
Noelia Muriana
Rhythmic gymnastic headdresses
Headdresses for sports competitions of Rhythmic gymnastics. They are made in conjunction with the mesh.
Alicia Fernandez
€ 10 EUR
Alicia Fernandez
€ 65 EUR
digital drawing
I art is original and colorful
Ken Campos Davila
€ 5 EUR
sketch 1.jpg
Original digital fashion sketch that can be printed or sent by email
silvana muñoz ulloa
€ 15 EUR
With style
I have stayed.
Lou Guerrero C.
On display
The butterfly
Eva Fydrych "The Butterfly", 2019 Oil on canvas
Eva F
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Beautiful monster
Piece Oil on canvas
Raul Viera Barrientos
€ 400 EUR
Navy striped bag / orange red
Lightweight, soft and weightless bag. Exclusive model Design and art. Made with love
Carmen Botella Revert
€ 39 EUR
Enigmatic Beauty
Enigmatic Beauty-Tectured acrylic and oil Painting Ket words-woman, Lady, Fashion, Head gear, Hat, Red, Black dress, Fashion, Textured, Flower
Sarandha DL
€ 400 EUR
Egytions-Tanjore is a traditional painting of India. Keywords-Tanjore, India, Asia, Folk, Traditional, History, Gold, Culture, Dress, Costume, Headgear, African
Sarandha DL
€ 450 EUR
Support: sheet metal 0,6 mm. Pictorial layer: Watercolor and pigment with acid medium. Protection: Varnish of pictures.
€ 650 EUR
Conté pencil on paper mounted on MDF panel.
Manuel Adrianzén Gonzales
€ 300 EUR
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