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Portraits sculptures for sale online. Find original Portraits sculptures by talented artists of today. Buy Portraits Sculptures directly to artists from around the world.
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Bust of Quevedo. Original work and unique piece
Agustin Casillas Osado
€ 5000 EUR
Funko POP Custom, Custom - Funko POP Figures
Funko pop custom created from a photo. ** Measures approximately 12 cm high. Handmade with polymer clay ....
€ 69 EUR
Old warrior
Work done in plaster with onyx powder
Karen Ortiz Amezcua
€ 60 EUR
head of cubist man
Cubist head carved from a single block of white limestone from the area of ​​Bernuy (Segovia)
luis carlos davila polo
€ 590 EUR
Ortega Maila-Sculptures
Ortega has left his painting of intense humanity I wish not to speak definitivamente- stone. Rustic blocks humble stone that used to ...
Ortega Maila
On display
5 results - showing 1 - 5