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Biography: Few are the artists who dare to travel the difficult path of the abstract. It requires a high dose of rebellion and a foolproof spirit to face incomprehension and the absence of premature applause, while developing the complicated particular language where the creator interprets the world at his own whim, capturing and building sensations through of the plastic elements. And this is what he has done in the last 15 years. Oscar Eslava (1963), one of the young painters of Boyacá, who undoubtedly already has a place among the most outstanding artists of departmental and national Contemporary Art.
Founder student of the Superior School of Plastic Arts of the ICBA, was advanced disciple of teachers Willie Ostos and Armando Chicangana.

Once graduated, he founded the Bitácora Group in company with other new painters, among which, apart from Oscar, the painter Camilo Castellanos stands out.

His expressive search leads him to venture into the territories of the performing arts, participating in the AEL group, directed by Carlos Sanchez, where he also participates in the design of the set and as an actor.

Later he joins the theater group of the UPTC, Dead Souls, who represent Boyacá in the National Meeting of University Theater in the city of Oiba (Santander) in the year of 1995, where his representation of the work? Vincent Van Gogh, the suicidal of society? of AntolinArtuad, occupies a prominent place. Culminates his theatrical tour with a tour that ends in the city of Cocuy where they found the House of Culture.

Committed to pacifist causes, he fully dedicates himself to portraying the post-war dreams of the emeralds in large murals in western Boyacá. Many schools, schools, public spaces in western Boyacá attest to the contribution of this artist to the pacification of this territory. Abound of new experiences and sensations, he goes to the South of America where he feeds his spirit with the marvelous austral landscapes, at the same time that he is impregnated with his people and his experiences.

When he returns to Colombia he intends to capture all of these and retires into the austere and magical Villa de Leyva, where all this passion, where all this creative passion that characterizes him begins to take shape in a wonderful plastic work that includes painting in various materials and the sculpture.

His work undoubtedly expresses that plethoric being of passions, which are prosecuted and transmitted in an irreverent handling of color, in a total break with reality? to submerge in worlds and underworlds of colors, lines and overflowing fluids, but loaded with great meanings and coded messages.

In parallel Oscar manages to achieve that difficult balance between chaos and order, those opposites among which on a tightrope, those who come to abstract art are debated.

And the most paradoxical thing is that he gets enough aesthetics to recreate in the midst of confusion, to transpose the message in the middle of the apparent chaos.

Currently, in his studio in Villa de Leyva, led by his inexhaustible creativity, the artist launches beyond the canvas, penetrating the performance through three-dimensional objects and looking for expressive resources with everyday elements, leading to the achievement of the abstract with the certainty of the one who after all the effort of the world, is aware of the unobjectionable? reality? of his art.
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