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Artist Works
David Hume statue
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Taillon Janiel da Luz was born in Rio do Sul, in the interior of Santa Catarina, on March 30, 1990.
He is a member of the International Committee of Artists of Artcom Expo - Norway.
From young Taillon always showed a lot of skill with the drawings in the school, where everything that looked reproduced in the paper. Always studying in public school, Taillon completed high school in 2008, some years later, in 2014 I finished his degree in Communication.
The passion for painting on canvas came through an invitation, his cousin Luana was already painting screens and seeing his skill with the drawings decided to instigate trying to reproduce on the canvases.
The canvas and the material were already bought, his mother, Jacle, also always encouraged Taillon with the painting, what was lacking was to start, to risk something new. What happened only during the flood that punished the city of Rio do Sul in 2011. Without much to do, Taillon decided to do his first work, a bunch of tulips. The result, even a beginner was very good, and everyone who saw him praised and instigated to do more, the artist was also enjoying the painting on canvas day by day, giving birth to the passion for art, which today is also one of his works.

Main characteristics of his works:

- Use of bright colors;
- Impressionism;
- Oil on canvas.

Participation in events:

- SENAR, Aurora (2012 / 2013 / 2014);
- Communication shows, Rio do Sul (2013 / 2014);
- Lunch Program - RBATV, Rio do Sul (2014 / 2015);
- Workshop with Silvio Duarte, Ibirama, Rio do Sul (2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2017);
- Return of the Colors, Rio do Sul (2017);
- Nordfjordeid, International Exhibition in Norway (2017);
- Oslo, International Exhibition in Norway (2017);
- Book Fair, Rio do Sul (2017).

English speaker: Si
Participation Date: 24 September 2017