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Biography: Gustavo Castillo was born in Pomalca, Chiclayo, Peru in 1989. Moving to live at an early age in Moyobamba, known as the city of orchids, in the Selva del Pais region. In which he began his career in the world of plastic arts, allowing himself to be influenced by his primary school teacher, who instilled in him and arouses great interest in drawing and painting. Later, he is a participant and winner of a national school competition, called "Cultural and Tourist Heritage of the North of the Country", marking the decisive point in the practice and development of his talent.

Time later having mentors, plastic artists, starting in a workshop with José La Chira Chávez, immersing him in the world of the study of color and charcoal drawing, then with Napoleón Alarcón, learning the technique of art and successfully with Juan Frank Chuquimango Díaz, whom he considers his main reference in this artistic journey, painting with him for many years and cultivating the oil technique.

Being the winner of several painting contests at the school and having already finished high school, he decided to go to the National Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru, to expand and expand his knowledge and acquire new skills, forming part of workshops, experimenting different techniques, stories such as the drawing of still lifes, tracing and painting with oils and pastel chalks, but not culminating as a career.

After a while he decides to return to the city that gives him life, where he starts a study of the sanitary engineering career and languages ​​like English that is attracted by this language, always developing both hands with the art that he has inside; with an artistic context much more enlightened by the beautiful Amazonian landscapes that surround it, with which he feels captivated and identified, having a connection with them, as well as with the same flora and fauna in general, which are his sources of inspiration, that they have in them an essential part in the existence and survival of the human being, perceiving nature and expressing in their works with an artistic touch, playing with the brush, the shapes, nuances and colors,

While at the university, he meets other artists of his environment, those who inspire him, composing new works, empathized with his Amazonian context, producing watercolors, oils and acrylics, signing at the beginning with his surname, and then signing with the name of "tavo", which is how they know her and call her friends.

He has also dabbled in the topic of painted poles, producing for a well-known brand in his city and lately being part of a circle of Amazonian artists, many of them of trajectory, with them he has been doing multiple collective pictorial exhibitions in different places of the major cities of the San Martin region, besides being part of the largest and most important sample that has been done so far in the area, called "Waiky Shungo", carried out in the city of Lamas to consider the folkloric capital of the Peruvian Amazon, hosting the guest artists of the city of Cusco. Now the artist finds himself with many creations in mind for future exhibitions, carrying out a development and maturity of his technique.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.tavoamazonart.com
Participation Date: November 08 2017