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Category: Painting
Condition: Sold
Biography: Self-taught artist.
I began to be interested in painting in my childhood, making copies with a pen, and for personal reasons my work training took another very different path. However, this was not an inconvenience because I always felt the need to express myself through my works and I started a personal learning that allowed me to know, try and investigate many techniques, and even create some of their own. From my retirement, I am enjoying as a child, exploring new paths and letting my imagination fly like never before.

"I believe that a writer, painter or musician was born." He was born with the vocation and in many cases with the physical conditions for dance and theater, and with a talent suitable for written journalism, understood as a literary genre, and for the cinema, understood as a synthesis of fiction and visual arts, in that sense I am a Platonist: learning is remembering ... "GG Márquez.
English speaker: No
Participation Date: October 23 2018