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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Lime green
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Africa in black & white
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: I am a young painter born on June 5 of 1994 in Andes-Colombia. I emigrated to Spain to learn about its culture, its gastronomy, its nature and, above all, my love for art.
My painting style is the Realistic representation, Fauvista.
Today I paint with Pastel on paper and oil on canvas, because I love to explore and discover the effectiveness that can be generated through color and shapes.
My favorite motifs are the animal life, the landscape and the human figure.
In the year 2018 participate in 2 exhibitions with the Academy of painting of Cristian Aviles.
I have currently exhibited at the Ateneo de Madrid, at the Policromia41 exhibition.
English speaker: No
Website: http://www.vectorvella.com
Participation Date: 26 September 2019