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Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Madrid, Spain, 1972

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, at the Complutense University of Madrid, she began her life process and creative staff in the Marketing and Advertising department at MotorUp Europe in 1995, a company dedicated to engine engineering. Later she developed as a digital designer in Orange from 2000, but it is from 2019 when she begins to create and express her emotional state through canvases, in an attempt to manifest personal abilities in the field of creativity and creativity. self esteem.
After living through a traumatic and extremely destructive personal situation to the point of being trapped in a meaningless and chilling and dark past, she finds the peace that she urgently needs through shaping her life in an attempt to self-improvement and metamorphosis of her conscience. .
In this sense, it is explained that, personally aware of the reuse of the elements that nature offers us and creative recycling; that is to say, the conscientious use of the elements that are around us by chance, and thus giving them a preconceived form that goes beyond their simple presence, develops his technique by reusing natural materials that he introduces in some of his works in this desire to perfect what is apparently dispersed and useless.
It gives a new useful life to the elements and coordinates them in the artistic framework of our existence; For this reason, and with this desire, it reflects through colors and spirals the evolution and rebirth in a society where we are forced to hide and not know how to identify our emotions, turning us into soulless and meaningless beings.
In 2021, through discovering art therapy as a means of artistic expression, he identifies the meaning of his work with this therapeutic way of channeling the feelings of the heart through art.
He begins his training in that world to help and give voice to the terrible existence of psychological abuse in the field of personal relationships.
He then contacts different organizations with which he manages to give visibility to his artistic expression in an attempt for art to fully channel the personal psychology of each one. With this claim he contacts: Espacio de Igualdad, Gloria Fuertes, Vicálvaro, Madrid; San Juan de Dios Clinic, Madrid; North Madrid Gender Violence Center; to make the world aware of the subtlety that underlies the exposed claim that art serves as a form of expression and personal liberation, and that is not recognized until you feel identified with said knowledge and form of expression. He also publishes one of his works «The abyss» in one of the illustrations of the book «200 cases of witchcraft», Editorial, Universo Oculto (2022).
Another of his works, The opinion without truth, is shown as the cover of the book Magic and spells in Murcia, Editorial, Matrioska (2022), Murcia.
In May 2022 he exhibits part of his work at Occo ArtGallery, Madrid.
Her work serves to glimpse the ability to identify and survive the depressive, spiritual and gender whirlwind, giving a second chance to the meaning of a new life built in a new environment that enables the expression of feelings and emotions.
English speaker: Si
Website: https://ymorcha.wixsite.com/ecodana
Participation Date: Jul 01 2022