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Fashion designs for sale online. Fashion is original drawings by talented artists of today. Fashion Drawings purchase directly from artists around the world.
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"Lingerie" Pen and marker on gray Canson paper 160gr.
Olivia Caballero González
€ 120 EUR
Prints available
"Resurgir" 29,5x21cm Pencil and marker drawing on Canson 140gr paper. Believe, pretend or be strong? How important it is that these three circumstances occur in order not to feel vulnerable, to be ...
Olivia Caballero González
€ 150 EUR
"Imborrable" Pencil drawing on Canson A3 paper by 130gr.
Olivia Caballero González
€ 200 EUR
"Evasion" Pastel drawing and marker on Canson paper A3 150gr.
Olivia Caballero González
"Dog 2"
"Dog 2" Pencil Drawing on Canson Paper 150gr A4
Olivia Caballero González
€ 150 EUR
JUSTocomoLOVEo - Valentina
JUSTocomoLOVEo - Valentina Work done in watercolor.
Sandra Gonzalez Jimenez
€ 35 EUR
JUSTocomoLOVEo - Queen
Work in ink, watercolor and charcoal
Sandra Gonzalez Jimenez
€ 35 EUR
CAPTION "JUSTocomoLOVEo" Mixed technique in black and gold ink, and watercolor Delivered with certificate of authenticity
Sandra Gonzalez Jimenez
€ 30 EUR
Drawing on paper with acrylics with the technique of pointillism and stamping
Veronica Dima
€ 100 EUR
In black pen, a silhouette
Arfenya Balayants
€ 35 EUR
Greco-Roman Athena
Greco-Roman culture
Alicia Pimentel González
On display
Illustration done with a fountain pen using the technique of the line, based on a fashion collection I made.
Santiago Valencia Giraldo
€ 50 EUR
Blue sky
Illustration portrait from a fashion photograph.
€ 50 EUR
Original work Made with ink Signed
Maria Rebolleda Barta
€ 9 EUR
digital drawing
I art is original and colorful
Ken Campos Davila
€ 5 EUR
sketch 1.jpg
Original digital fashion sketch that can be printed or sent by email
silvana muñoz ulloa
€ 15 EUR
Conté pencil on paper mounted on MDF panel.
Manuel Adrianzén Gonzales
€ 300 EUR
Watercolor art
Maria Lapay
€ 15 EUR
Sara coal
Portrait by Sara Carbonero pencil. Made in May 2018
Eloisa Gutierrez
€ 50 EUR
Watercolor art
Teresa Hernández Rabazo
€ 30 EUR
YIYO. Old cellphone charger cable, delicately coded in card stock. Material: Mobile charger. Reinforced industrial carton. Cardboard. Recycled paper. Watercolor....
Alfredo Alexis Tepetla Fuentes
Contact artist
Jhon newman
It's a drawing heho for me
Ximena Saenz Lozano
€ 20 EUR
Lady diochesca No. 3
Set in the eighteenth century
Alicia Pimentel González
On display
Stuart Weitzman
Custom made for the office of one of the companies in the footwear brand Stuart Weitzman (American billionaire designer).
Lidia Alfonso Blazquez
the woman traveling above a smoking caterpillar
The mujer..Formato story: Work that shows the strength of women to leave their own nightmares. To be reborn, he spreads its wings, while being guided by a caterpillar ...
€ 225 EUR
Red steps
Technique two colors; greyscale and red.
Marina Espinosa Téllez
€ 90 EUR
31 results - showing 1 - 31