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Work where a neighborhood of Barcelona is reflected.
Sergio Sanchez Guerrero
€ 700 EUR
The glass sky 60x60 cm
Acrylic on table 60x60 cm
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 110 EUR
"Catharsis" allows your emotions to flow
Jose Luis Miguel Jimenez
€ 310 EUR
colored lava
"Colored lava" the eruption of a volcano as the perfect metaphor to express the theme of this work.
Jose Luis Miguel Jimenez
€ 210 EUR
"Discord" represents a very common situation in our society and in interpersonal relationships, which is the disagreement and opposition of wills and opinions.
Discord New
Jose Luis Miguel Jimenez
€ 230 EUR
"Flamenco" refers to two concepts, firstly to the bird and secondly, to an artistic and cultural manifestation that is a dance itself.
Jose Luis Miguel Jimenez
€ 280 EUR
Canova's kiss.
I have used top quality materials and I have done it giving different glazes to achieve the transparency of the different layers. I will deliver it with two layers of Damar varnish...
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 450 EUR
christmas pictures
christmas pictures
Ana garcía
€ 15 EUR
colorful city
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 240 EUR
christmas pictures
Beautiful Christmas paintings.
Ana garcía
€ 15 EUR
art in the kitchen
Beautiful painting to decorate the kitchen.
Ana garcía
€ 20 EUR
she came first 2019.jpg
According to the myth here in the north of Chile, women were the origin of civilization. I recreate the myth introducing the first coastal communities of the port of Iquique...
gerardo segovia rojas
€ 55 EUR
eR_0002 New
€ 144 EUR
Large painting XXL abstract very colorful 144X195 cm
Pepi Guillen Rodriguez
€ 440 EUR
new abstract clouds
Oil and acrylic on table with frame. Measures 160X40 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 400 EUR
Homage to Otto Marseus van Schrieck
“The artist has a twofold relation to nature; he is at once her master and her slave.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. My admiration to nature and its beauty and complexity...
Lola Alfaro Garcia
€ 600 EUR
Unity and variety created with harmonious colours, repetition, changing directions and some unique elements. Celebration of rich forest soils.
accorns New
Lola Alfaro Garcia
€ 600 EUR
Homage to Clara Peeters.
This painting is a Still-life composition with no evident focal point, the repetition of elements create patterns of similar visual weight, you can feast your eyes on the beauty of...
Lola Alfaro Garcia
€ 700 EUR
Original painting painted in oil on table
Marilyn New
Jon Jauregui
€ 150 EUR
Thistles of the Way
yellow thistles
Carmen Minguez Marquez
€ 90 EUR
Original oil painting
Jose Aparicio Morales
€ 10800 EUR
Female skin 2
It is part of a series of works in which the protagonist is the woman. I try to capture the eternal beauty of the female body. I have used top quality materials and ...
Santi Goñi Guemes
sunday reading
Sunday reading.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 240 EUR
black eve
Eva Negra Technique: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 80x60 cm Year: 2018
Deia G Designer Andreia Goncalves
€ 550 EUR
Evaristo the violin
Evaristo the violin of the cuenca symphony orchestra...
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 200 EUR
roaring jaguar profile
Oscar Gilberto De la Cruz Garcia
€ 200 EUR
Forest New
Raul Arias Lopez
€ 100 EUR
Oil on canvas 80x80 cm 2022
Javier López Villabrille
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Flowers in glass vases
Oil on canvas 90x90 cm, 2022
Javier López Villabrille
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100 results - showing 1 - 30  
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