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IMG_20171009_083023415_HDR ~ 01.jpg
From this series cease to be, I want to say that we all think when the end comes, when your days are no longer, when future dates become the past ....
The big Apple
The Big Apple is the pure representation of a great explosion of color
Pino Diaz Laudelino
€ 200 EUR
Marita A. Guard
€ 220 EUR
"Sombras" is a Pop-Art painting full of strength and sensuality, or at least, that was my intention when painting it.
Olivia Caballero González
Manuel Montero Rus
€ 350 EUR
ONLY FRIDA- 65x50cm
Marita A. Guard
€ 160 EUR
Watercolor on paper inspired by a morning walking through the capital.
Maria Luisa García - Maylu
€ 155 EUR
Abstract set
Set of two abstract paintings.
Leonor Solbes Arjona
Drops of salt
Title: Drops Salt Acrylic on canvas 90x90cm
Albaladejo Gonzalez Salvador
€ 420 EUR
the smile
Portrait of girl in acrylic on canvas cm 40x50
Marita Nadal Lizabe
€ 40 EUR
The dance of abstraction
Oil on table with frame. Measures 160X80 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 400 EUR
image3 (16) .jpg
Gestural art, mixed media on canvas (oil, acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal pencil), 40x40cm
Elena Mishina
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Reflexes of the herreria.jpg
Water as a mirror
Concha Senderuela
€ 100 EUR
"Empowered" Mixed on canvas of 80x60cm "Censorship is not only in the networks; It is on the street and inhabits many houses. Good thing there will always be someone who knows ...
Olivia Caballero González
Abstract 0909
Acrylic on wood. 61X43 measures cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
Dreams of tesl
Work done with high quality materials.
Lluis Garriga In-conscious art
Contact artist
Mountain roads
Oil on board on frame. 100X81 measures cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
At the bottom of the sea
Recreation of imaginary seabed
Rocio Perez Jubindo
€ 75 EUR
Acrylic on canvas. 61X50 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
Paths of hope.
Original painted abstract picture.
Leonor Solbes Arjona
€ 239 EUR
love field
Oil on canvas. 92X73 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 250 EUR
green forest
Oil on table with frame. Measures 40X40 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 140 EUR
Long Melena 28x38 2006.JPG
original and unique watercolor.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 90 EUR
Sailboat called freedom
Oil on board 60x22 cm
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 120 EUR
Autumn views
Oil on canvas. 61X50 measures cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 200 EUR
Prints available
Boats at sunset
It is a slightly surreal painting of boats at sunset uns.
Santi Goñi Guemes
Abstract fiction
Oil on table with frame. Measures 80X40 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 225 EUR
The perched
Mythological work.
Santi Goñi Guemes
Work done with high quality materials.
Lluis Garriga In-conscious art
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