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Angel Hernandez
On display
Poses rehearsed.
In the world of ballet there are a series of poses that must be practiced many times to perform them perfectly.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 180 EUR
Oil on canvas. 92X73 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
Pink Desert (Desert Rose)
Work of great visual impact and originality. All coils are made with volumes that give a three-dimensional feel.
Josep Obradors Ruiz
Still Life with Grapes, BOTTLE OF WINE AND MORTAR
Still Life with Grapes, BOTTLE OF WINE AND MORTAR, 61 50 X CMS.
Angel Hernandez
€ 650 EUR
Memories from the past
I was inspired by a rainy afternoon in Madrid walking with my grandfather. Remembering those black lampposts, erasing now by oblivion.
Enrique Campos Viso
€ 500 EUR
The reliefs, textures and color usage makes it a very striking piece.
Josep Obradors Ruiz
€ 850 EUR
Sunset with snow.
It is a painting of the river Calera snow at sunset.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 100 EUR
Cala de los Frailes. Hondarribia
summery landscape Creek Friars in Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa). 2016 done in oil on table. It is framed by a wooden frame with gold trim ....
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
Behind the scenes (x 80 60 cm.)
Abstract painting unit consists of 1 80 60 X cm. With technique of acrylic on board. 3 frame cm. Thick with inside groove to hang directly. ...
F. Pavon
€ 2275 EUR
Abstract expressionist painting. Acrylics and glazes on DM board of 16 mm. of thickness. Measurements of the work 440 x 440 mm. Signed. With certificate of authenticity.
F. Pavon
€ 500 EUR
Acrylic on wood. 80X40 measures cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 160 EUR
Oil on canvas on wood. Hand painted with quality materials. If you are not satisfied with what I hoped admit their return although the cost of this ...
€ 65 EUR
Omar Little. The Wire
Portrait of the charismatic character Omar Little, from the series The Wire. The portrait is nocturnal and in the background you can see a street in Baltimore, a city in which it is set ...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
€ 260 EUR
Red background
It is a figure on a red background.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 130 EUR
Oil painting on canvas, figurative realist painting with contrasts of chiaroscuro. With a composition focuses the subject fixing attention on the expression of the figures ...
Adam Fausti
€ 900 EUR
Meadow with flowers
Meadow with bright flowers that herald the arrival of spring. Acrylic on canvas.
Fabiana Iglesias
€ 250 EUR
Abstract expressionist painting. Acrylics and glazes on DM board of 16 mm. of thickness. Measurements of the work 440 x 440 mm. Signed. With certificate of authenticity.
F. Pavon
€ 500 EUR
Oil on wood 2 cm thick so it would not need frame. The wood is of quality (not conglomerates or similar). Made with a spatula using a large quantity of ...
Marita A. Guardia
€ 180 EUR
Zero point (x 130 60 cm.)
abstract expressionist painting, formed by 1 130 unit x 60 cm. with technique acrylic on board. 3 frame cm. thick with inside groove to hang directly ....
F. Pavon
€ 2745 EUR
Echo Wall 2.
This painting is a view of the wall of the echo from the mount is located faced in autumn.
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 220 EUR
2017-01-20 23.49.16.jpg
lobato cabins manuel
€ 350 EUR
Acrylic on canvas. 61X50 measures cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 130 EUR
Oil on canvas painted on tables and not the price negotiated because of its low cost. Should not what I expected admit their return. The cost of ...
Chinese painting style
Lin Dan
€ 230 EUR
forgotten Earth
Image from the imaginary.
Lluis Garriga In-conscious art
title CRETÁCICO..jpg
Constructed using acrylic, oil and collage. Single, no reproductions or will be made.
Maria Luisa García - Maylu
€ 1350 EUR
Watercolor inspired by a rainy day by the National Highway IV at the height of Valdemoro, reaching Madrid.
Maria Luisa García - Maylu
€ 490 EUR
Original work Abstraction of the dunes
Gallego Jose Morales
€ 100 EUR
Angel Hernandez
€ 790 EUR
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