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Artist Works
Biography: From childhood he has had a great love of photography. He has never exercised professionally. It has always been the desire and the need to explore new ways of expression and in the years 70 decided to present the results of their work. At that time he participated in some collective and several solo exhibitions: 1972 Sevilla, Barcelona 1974, 1974 Prague, Warsaw 1975, 1975 Lodz, Krakow 1975, 1976 Rabat, Fez 1976.
After that brief public period he continued his photographic research work, while exercising their profession did not allow him it compatible with the preparation of exhibitions.
The arrival of digital photography gave her a new field of experimentation, in which she has been working from 2005.
English speaker: No
Website: http://fotodavises.blogspot.com.es/
Participation Date: 21 2016 December