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Biography: Born in Madrid, 1970. Resides and works in Madrid.
Prepares to enter the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). For this he received painting classes for three years with the painter Amadeo Roca Gisbert in his studio at Claudio Coello.

Juan José Garay in his artistic career evolves from the abstraction towards a work mainly supported in a mixed technique on canvas, pen and wood board, basically composed of oil and glues in which introduces natural materials giving the work a compact and solid texture That provides dynamism and originality to an abstract art with resources in figurative occasions.

His palette mainly composed of pure colors, clean in its layout within the range of oranges, blue and ocher reds gives a great luminosity to the environment that surrounds it. There are two aspects in his career: on the one hand, an abstract work with geometric themes such as circles and spirals, on supports such as canvases or wood in which he mixes oils, tails and earths; the other side is composed basically of collage in which they evolve towards a more figurative art composed of natural elements such as cardboard sheets, flowers that are introduced into the canvas and mixed with oil, glues and even acrylic paint,

Together it is a modern and dynamic painting even in its execution, since it uses great variety of pictorial materials like airbrush, acrylic spray, pallets ... resources that give relief and chromatic changes in the works, since depending on how the light affects in The media changes color. This chromatic change gives the work something new and original that differentiates it and gives it a vital and dynamic character.
Website: http://www.juanjosegaray.com
Participation Date: November 07 2016