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Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: My name is Aaron Leonel De Carlo, I am 22 years old, I was born on 17/01/1999.
I have been drawing since I can remember, but at the age of 11 I started in a recognized workshop in my town, from a plastic artist named Maria Rosa Crivelli, she taught me everything I know about drawing and to evolve as a person, I must be part of my progress to her. "A place in the world" is called the workshop, without a doubt it is my place to disappear from the world at least for a few hours.
Until last year I did artistic drawing, learning most of the techniques to draw, to paint.
Many people say that I am an ARTIST, what a word! that's why I'm here trying to show my art and expanding on it. Art encompasses a lot! Once you start, you don't know where you can end.
My drawing styles are very similar to the GREAT HUGE painter Salvador Dali, I love his surrealism, I love how he captures all his essence of the moment on a blank canvas. without a doubt he is my idol in painting.
In these 11 years of learning, I exhibited together with some people from the workshop, in cultural centers, in churches, in the municipality of my town and also at the night of the museums 3 times. Always praise me and never criticize. although I always wait for my father to criticize me for something.
I am passionate about art, I love to show what I am through painting or drawing. I feel freedom being me, I rarely feel so much peace and tranquility in life.
I am from Capricorn, I like philosophy, animals, I love looking at the sky in my free time and enjoying the air in a square.
Creativity arises from the place that inspires one the most. sometimes I disappear from the external world to get involved in my world. Ideas appear there, my ways of being and thinking appear. Art is for me THE BEST WAY TO DEMONSTRATE YOURSELF WHO YOU ARE.
English speaker: No
Website: https://www.instagram.com/aaron_leonel/
Participation Date: 04 June 2021