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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
The circle
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Alberto Verdu.
Design, Art Direction and illustration in Valencia

Self motivated, always eager to experiment and seek challenges in all areas of visual communication such as Corporate Identity, Art, typography, illustration, painting, combining traditional and digital techniques in order to obtain a unique result, something unexpected and spectacular.

Studying the trade of printing, machines and inks, from a young age he is directed with absolute curiosity and desire to the world of design and painting, taking specialized courses in drawing and painting. His idea is to show people different and new points of view in order to create a new idea, a new vision, a moment in which to stop and think.
Working as a designer and art director for more than 15 years in that sector.

Always looking for a functional, simple and coherent design line, as well as the highest quality and cleanliness in each project.

Inspired by nature, the environment and the human being, he shows his work with an abstract and clean touch.

His techniques vary from the most abstract and contemporary acrylic and ink to the most detailed illustration. In large and small formats.

Always open to new projects and challenges.

Exhibitions and works in:

EL Molí Cultural Center - Benetússer Town Hall (Colors Exhibition)

Sara's workshop - Art Center in Massanassa (Colors Exhibition)

Espai Jove Room - Alfafar Town Hall (Union Exhibition)

Errecatorce - Madrid (Plates for sale Union)

Dada Bookshop - Valencia - Muvim and Ivam (Art prints for sale Union)

Railowsky Bookstore - Valencia (Art prints for sale Union)

Muez - València bookshop restaurant (Union Exhibition)

Mumming - València (Prints for sale)

Nou Sabors - Russafart - València (Group exhibition)

The heroic impulse and the unfathomable dimension - Alicante (Union Exhibition)

Poolga. Funds for Apple.


KLUID Magazine Interview

Book 30 Anys del servei the students of the SEDI. University of Valencia.
Public Parlem work of the debate league. 2018.

Ah Magazine!

Dizzy Magazine

English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.albertoverdu.com/
Participation Date: Jul 08 2020