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a little scare
Condition: On sale
More to know
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King of the Forest
Condition: On sale
Warm shadow
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adopt me
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Biography: Angelica Castillo was born in Tapachula in 1998, raised in a small town on the Chiapas coast. His greatest attachment is fantasy and fictional settings. Throughout his life, the influence of television was his faithful companion, having as its main attraction the animations broadcast, from America to Asia. His interest was cultivated during his adolescence, and it developed much more when he decided to do an engineering in Animation and Visual Effects.
Upon completing her career, Angelica concentrated more on the practice of drawing, in order to tell stories through it. Angelica thinks that a digital illustration can convey the same as an animated story.
English speaker: Si
Website: https://www.instagram.com/paemi_book/?hl=es-la
Participation Date: 26 May 2021