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Ocean Collection
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Muralist, sculptor, sociocultural animator, environmental educator ... and so on until you get to a name: Antoni Gabarre.

Art must not move away from the streets, nor leave its natural environment, the environment where it manages to give itself the strength to scream, without noise but with the best artistic technique, reason and social demand. Although his first strokes under sunlight were in Catalonia, his homeland has been living in Andalusia for years, where he has achieved creative stability, although that does not remain to continue experimenting, always in full evolution.

Artists usually stand out only for their works, there is no more where to look than in the creation itself. However, Gabarre has a suitcase full of records and numbers behind him. It takes 40 years of dedication, individually it has painted more than 30.000 square meters of walls, while with educational programs the data almost doubles. It has even been allowed to appear up to eight times in the Guinness book of records, one of them for painting 2.200 square meters without rest for 48 hours in 1987.
"My life is the walls." The United States (USA), Ireland, France, as well as a large list of countries around the world have some of it. "In all places I have been leaving something. I have spent my whole life dedicated to this, getting on the scaffolding, I am a vegetarian and my life is this"
At NASA, in North America, as a curiosity there are two sculptures of him

His educational and social interest has led him to develop civic-artistic collaboration programs with countries such as Bosnia or Northern Ireland to unify cultures.
It started in classical school, although it is fueled by influences from Velázquez to Dalí. He has worked with many materials, since when developing his works on different supports, he is forced to constantly reinvent himself and experiment, as when painting on ships what has led him to create with fire retardant materials. "I am restless in this of art," he acknowledges, framing himself in contemporary art, although in a permanent search.

Gabarre has been leaving his stamp around the world, especially in Andalusia and Catalonia, but some of his works can also be recognized in Italy, Hungary, USA or Nicaragua, as well as a large number of murals and sculptures in ferries and cruises. It holds world records like creating the biggest pin for Harley Davidson, and likewise a flag, a garden rocking chair or a carpenter meter, of gigantic dimensions
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.artegabarre.com
Participation Date: August 08 2019