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Biography: Eduardo Vidal has a future vision on canvas critical painting on the evolution of Art itself with difference other works each one is unique created in its pure essence the future a new modern conceptual art created by the Artist Eduardo Vidal a new concept That revolutionizes the new modern abstract concept a unique bulwark in both directions on the new vision of painting

Eduardo Vidal World Spanish Visionary Painter

created a new concept of reverse painting abstract inversion symbiosis on the technique itself modular painting something unique in the world technique paintings come to life in their pure essence each series of works is unique unrepeatable starting with unique diversity in each work but with the same work technique in each of them large galleries everyone has already described their work as the painting of the future is how we will paint in tactical recreation with virtual insibile paint but with the same painting in itself, that is why their works are unique, they have pioneered this invertible technical trend, modular singular shapes recreating emotions each person recreates a direct emotion about the work to sensitize the public around the world their works are the very essence intelligence is a new concept about painting for all the public can recreate from adult childhood and old age itself is the process of time creation each work immortalizing everything comes to life in the sa me work the work this visionary painter It is the painting of the alternative Emotion of the whole world

Eduardo Vidal is officially his direct sales channel is his works are physically and virtually

Backyard Arte-Simanca Galeria Valladolid

Agora Gallery New York his works are physically and virtually

And officially the Whitney Museum of American Art It also has the representation
English speaker: Si
Website: https://www.artmajeur.com/es/evartsock/presentation
Participation Date: 19 September 2021