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Sculptures Children, Original Sculptures Children

Children sculptures for sale online. Children find original sculptures by talented artists of today. Buy Sculptures children directly to artists from around the world.
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Figure 21 cm. 11 cm high. wide and 10 cm. background, hand made by me to mud on an irregular basis mud also ...
Maria Paz Legua Yus
€ 180 EUR
There is a child in the street
It is a wood carving technique sculpture about two street children
Gracián José Ghio
€ 780 EUR
It is a sculpture of a motherhood
Gracián José Ghio
€ 650 EUR
representation of people's lives together with animals
Pablo Carballo Glez
€ 1000 EUR
Child Byzantine Jesus
Image sobre-relieve of the Child Jesus, elaborated in clay and mounted in wooden frame. Byzantine style.
Vladimir Yevara Boichenko
€ 20 EUR
Crazy Bicho
William Moreira Cruz
€ 350 EUR
6 results - showing 1 - 6