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Mayan vessel
Category: Sculptures
Condition: On sale
crock Akumal
Category: Sculptures
Condition: On sale
bottle Adamit
Category: Sculptures
Condition: On sale
Biography: "I suffer the desire of the laborers, in that artifice and simulated rodeo
of which we are worth to get the vice of the expression ".
Isis Bobadilla

Writer, Actress, Director of scene and ethnic art painter.

As stage director, Isis has mounted it put like. "Pedro and the Captain" by Mario Benedetti (own adaptation), "Night at Neverland," "Yerma" (own adaptation) and other works with flamenco dance was a disciple of Carlos Ancira, Margarita Urueta, Julio Castillo and Carlos Poullot.

As a writer, Isis is story writer, novelist and poet. Collaborator in culture. Screenwriter. He was a disciple of Hugo Argüelles and Luis G Basurto. His publications in stories and poetry for children: "Little Hands" and Geniuses Dreaming, do not interrupt! (Audio book)
Publications in novel testimony "A gold beetle" and "Shadows of Cuba"

Isis Bobadilla has also done work as an announcer, and voice dubbing

As an artist has also devoted his time to painting and its mystical ethnic pottery "Art and Legend"

After directing Sunhills Valley Radio (children's radio station) for four years, in the city of Querétaro, he created his own audiovisual production company Aset Films in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The cultural center Faro, is now home in San Miguel de Allende. As a cultural director of this space, Isis combines the knowledge, culture and inspiration to love animals and respect for the land.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isisbobadilla
Website: http://isisbobadilla.es.tl/
Participation Date: 04 2016 December