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Madame with fan
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Biography: Jose Arévalo, is a self-taught artist, who since childhood dreamed of capturing his ideas and imagination on a canvas. He began his first traces as a manual offic that little by little has become an obsession.

Jose, Colombian artist, born in Armero, Tólima, a city that disappeared from the face of the earth by a natural havoc, has been the bearer of great characters like the Master Jose Arévalo, recognized by the art of painting "BUHOS".

Jose Arévalo, who wakes up every morning breathing pure air and with the sound of nature that accompanied by his solitude gives strength and inspiration to his creativity. He likes to taste the coffee he drinks in the morning with a lot of soul and great mania for capturing different situations in life, such as enjoying the beautiful colors of nature, the tenacity of people to get ahead in their different professions, the contrast of religious beliefs and the perspective of abstract art among many others; All these samples of his talent are reflected on the lean and acrylic technique, characterized by the use of colors and exploration of different strokes.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.josearevalopainting.com
Participation Date: Apr 06 2018