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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On display
Mairim combed his hair with Polymita
Category: Painting
Condition: On display
Category: Painting
Condition: On display
Maria Antonia
Category: Painting
Condition: On display
Biography: Academic training
1987: Graduated in the specialty of Painting at the Higher Institute of Art.
1972: Graduate in the specialty of Painting at the National School of Art.
1966: Graduated from the specialty of painting at the Provincial School of Art of
Santa Clara Leopoldo Romañach.

Awards and Decorations
2011: The honorable municipality of Calakmul. Department of Calakmul
Education, Culture and Sports, gives recognition for its outstanding
participation as a painter and teacher of fine arts workshops.
2010: As part of celebrations for the anniversary of the founding 150 Institute
Campechano is awarded the 150 anniversary medal for the achievements obtained in
the four generations of graduates in Arts.
2008: The Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization
gives him recognition for having participated in the Arts contest
Plastics on the occasion of the 60 Anniversary of the World Organization of
Health (WHO) and having obtained the 3 award.
Is given the mask by teachers achievements Calakmul
2006: The Provincial Directorate of Culture in Havana gives the
Gitana Tropical recognition, the highest distinction given to artists by
achievements as an exponent of the Cuban culture.
1997: PEDAGOGICAL MERIT is granted, maximum teaching categorization by the
achievements in artistic education in Cuba. This document is signed
by the Minister of Culture Armando Hart Dávalos.

Personal exhibitions and taught Masters
2015: Exhibition José Miguel Pérez spirit and color in your city Arche Gallery
Santa Clara home celebrating their 65 years.
2014: Exhibition Marti pupil in the theater Julio Antonio Mella, sponsored by The
José Martí Cultural Society where the collection of Marti's works exhibited
belonging to the artist's family.
Color Fury exhibition at the opening in Havana of Iranian Restaurant
Topoly, Nourbakh Farokht, owner and collector of the artist's work.
Painting exhibition where he shows his current stage of artistic production.
2013: He works intensely in his pictorial production that was exhibited at the Festival
Ephemeral Art, organized by the elementary school of arts Jose Antonio Diaz
Pelaez, to be held in the framework of the day of Culture of the municipality Plaza.
2010: Travels to Mexico to impart the third and fourth generation of Master of Arts
in teaching methodology for the Arts.
The Ministry of Culture of Campeche state government and the Institute
Sponsor folksy personal exhibition "Painting forever II" in the yard
claustral of the Ministry of Culture. Campeche. Mexico. According to the teacher,
It has been one of its most successful exhibitions.
2008: Travels to Mexico to impart the second generation of Master of Arts in
methodology for teaching Fine Arts offered by the Institute
Hearty. Presents his personal exhibition Ofrendas de Fábulas.
Exhibits at the Hotel Inglaterra the presentation of the menu autumn menu of the
Colonial restaurant. Where 10 shows unpublished works of his last production
2006: Travels to Guatemala to the Third Meeting of Cuban Artists in Guatemala where
presents a Personal Painting Exhibition at the Metropolitan Cultural Center.
In the same place he teaches a master class on the Contributions of the Academy
San Alejandro the Cuban National Plastic.
2005: His work is promoted in textile confections of ARTEX working
specifically for children's textiles.
2004: His work Guitar, taken to Mosaico, is placed in a central street of the city
as part of the Architectural Project Ramp
2003: Receive the distinction Illustrious Son of the City of Santa Clara, the city where he was born,
during the 310 anniversary of the founding of this city.
Personal exhibition "Views" in the city of Santa Clara in tribute to the
memory of his father, Miguel Pérez. According to the artist, it has been one of the nights
most memorable in your life. The artist writes in the catalog: The process
creation is a magical moment of secrecy, encounter, enjoyment, he accompanies me.
His work Guitarra, is selected in the Architecture Competition Project
2002: Exhibits at the hotel England, personal exhibition dedicated to José Martí, with
this exhibition the artist celebrates the 185 anniversary of the foundation of the
San Alejandro Academy.
2001: Travels to Mexico to impart the expertise Methodology for teaching
arts and within the framework of this event presents his personal exhibition Canto a la
1999: His work is promoted by DECORO and he paints at the Arenas Blancas hotel in
Varadero the Buffet Restaurant, considered by him, one of the environmental works
more beautiful and accomplished in his artistic career.
1997: SOSZOO personal exhibition, at the La Acacia gallery of the Real Estate Fund
Cultural, with which the artist celebrates his 25 years in artistic education.
1995: His work is promoted by the Center for Environmental Design, painting for request
for important tourist centers.
1994: He is invited by the Fine Arts Center of Maracaibo, to present
Noble and Leal personal exhibition, in homage to the 465 anniversary of
the Foundation of Maracaibo Edo, Zulia.
1993: Return to Venezuela invited by the Festival of Arts, the theater group
Plank, and school Inés Laredo, where he presents a personal exhibition of 40
works in Homage to Angela Hill, the dolls in Cabimas.
1992: He travels to Venezuela invited by the IV Festival of Arts and exposes a sample
staff at the Municipal Museum of Graphic Arts Balmiro León Fernández.
1989: Paint at the Institute of Oncology, Children's Room, the mural They deserve it all.
According to the artist, he has been one of the most beautiful and human responsibilities that has
1988: Participates in the Sixth Biennial Iberoamericana Iberoamericana Children Painting
of today, Mexico City, with the play El mundo de los niños.
1987: Dream and Reality personal exhibition, in the Casona del Fondo de Bienes
Travel to Poland, where he presents a personal exhibition at the BIURO WYSTAW
1986: Personal exhibition Painting Forever, at the Habana Gallery.

Group Exhibitions
2014: Travel to the city of Ottawa Canada, with the young artist Michel Mirabal, to
participate in the exhibition as part of the celebrations for the day
Cuban National Culture and the 70 anniversary of diplomatic relations between
Cuba and Canada to celebrate in the 2015. Exhibition sponsored by the Embassy
of the Republic of Cuba and the support of the National Bank of Canada.
2006: Cuban Painting in Valencia, Spain. Exhibition of artists' paintings
Cuban contemporaries, sponsored by the Socio-Cultural Center of l Eliana, Valencia
2005: Participates in the collective exhibition of drawings that toured different Mexican states,
starting the tour in Mexico City.
1999: Travel to Belgium invited by the Lanchelevinci museum presenting the exhibition
collective flags and colors.
1998: Group exhibition of painting in Portugal organized by the National Union of
Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).
Collective Exhibition Place for Cuban art at the Hotel Plaza organized by
the UNEAC.
1997: Collective exhibition of Cuban painting organized by the gallery La Acacia del
Cultural Assets Fund that was presented in the Golden Branch of Panama.
1989: Exhibition collective Cuban Painting in Bulgaria, organized by the Union
National Writers and Artists of Cuba.
1988: Cuban Painting Group exhibition in Warsaw, organized by the Fund
Cuban Cultural Property.
1985: Group exhibition itinerant youth today held in cultural centers
Japanese: AT Central Museum Tokyo (January) and AT Prefatural Museum of Miyagi
Website: http://www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/jose-miguel-perez-hernandez.html
Participation Date: November 03 2016