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adolescent picture.jpg
"Adolescence and deformation of reality" is a work dedicated to Adolescence, to the slightly deformed vision of its defects and virtues, I have increased the proportion of...
golden basin
€ 250 EUR
woman and child on the beach.jpg
Woman and child on the beach is an illustration made by hand. It reminds us of summer, the heat of the sun, the waves... with simple and childlike strokes.
golden basin
€ 80 EUR
new snow white painting.jpg
Snow White is an Illustration made by hand on canvas. It is a collage of fabrics and acrylic drawings. It is an original work, with simple and rustic lines.
golden basin
€ 150 EUR
Handmade lamp, inspired by the artist Frida Khalo. Her colors remind us of her Mexican spirit.
golden basin
€ 70 EUR
4 results - showing 1 - 4