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Condition: On display
Condition: On display
Category: Others
Condition: On display
Biography: He studied at the School of Graphic Arts and Artistic Trades of Granada, in the branch of sculpture, although his artistic vocation had already been developing in numerous disciplines, drawing, painting, sculpture, installations, poetry, etc. His profession, in the health branch, has nothing to do with the plastic arts, but it is in this area that he most publicizes his works, most of them installations that break into hospital spaces, contrasting with the reality that occurs there. The works exhibited in these places are close to the public that visits them since, apart from being of a popular nature, Andalusian Nativities and Patios on a large scale, are original and made with disused hospital material, which leads the visitor to stop. to contemplate the work carefully, and to enjoy the artistic beauty and sensitivity, in a radically different environment from that of a museum or an art gallery.
At a pictorial level, and part of her works made with traditional techniques, Jusephina discovers in technology a tool that also allows her to develop as an artist. Despite his basic computer skills, and through digital drawing programs, he came to find a facet of his artistic personality that he was unaware of and that contrasts with the form and expressive character of his previous works.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: 12 May 2020