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Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Colombian artist 1947 - 2019, son of peasant parents. In its formation of childhood and youth, under matriarchal influence and a macho environment with which it assumes a rejection towards the educational system of the
school of his time. Between the 8 and 18 years, she lives different work experiences since, bakery, metal mechanics and agriculture; Although he does not leave aside his life as a bohemian and seeking new horizons, he sees the need to learn to read and write in order to have the knowledge that will enable him to perform in his work and to know different areas of knowledge.
Between the nineteen and twenty-seven years the restlessness arises to him to represent graphically the synthesis of the acquired knowledge and develops an incipient drawing, that gives step to him to make booklets that it sells or interchanges to obtain materials that help him to be learning on the fundamental thing of art . At twenty-seven he decides to perfect or deepen the knowledge of the visual arts, which is why he goes to the departmental institute of culture and the Institute of Fine Arts in Cali where he is not admitted because he does not meet the academic requirements. During this period he meets a student of arts that would help him to expand the knowledge in the plastic arts and provides texts and materials for his enrichment.
In 1976 he joined the Applied Arts Workshop of Palmira Valle, for three months consolidating the knowledge acquired as a self-taught person; After this time, he leaves his classes as a student and begins to work as a teacher within the areas of drawing and painting in the same institution.
Kymer artist who lived art and was known in the city by all those people who see in the plastic arts a great wealth, was the creator of the "Monument to the Bicycle" and another series of works exhibited in some cities of the Valley of the Cauca This artist devoted his life to the art he worked perfecting his work in his workshop installed in his home in which he came up with constant ideas that opened the way to the search for a perfect and ideal work. ©
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.kymerarte.com
Participation Date: Feb 07 2019