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Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: The artist LUIGI CENTRA, born in Carpineto Romano (Rome), at the beginning of the years
70 is part of the artistic movement that has been re-evaluated and re-interpreted with artists from America
Italian Pop-Art like Mimmo Rotella and Mario Schifano with whom he establishes friendship and frequents his
I study in Rome and Arcinazzo (Rome). In his numerous trips to Germany he had already reached
know Liechtenstein, also a member of Pop Art. At 1977 he attended a studio together with his
German friends, teachers who teach their respective academies of fine arts of Tubingen
in Germany and in 1979 he enrolled in the Fine Arts Academy in Frosinone, but later
He was admitted to the final written exams for his advanced age, so he remains a
autodidact. Also in 1979 that takes more than thirty frescoes from the transport network to
include them in the walls. Centra lives between Frosinone, Rome and Venice, worked for a long time
time on behalf of children around the world. Do you remember your trip to Kiev in Ukraine with the
Association of the place "Italiamo", organized by the University of Taras Scewschenko where it mounted
an exhibition in the large room of luxury polished marble and the product was for charity in favor
of the sick children course in the oncology ward of the Kiev hospital, because of the explosion of the
Chernobyl reactor. He himself went to several hospitals in the world to bring joy, peace, gifts,
projects and so on, with its artistic academy called North-South International Artistic
Academy. At the same time, I frequently traveled to many of the state orphanages in Ukraine,
along with some associations including "Hermano Sol" by Cimitile Nola in Naples; in these
On occasions, the artist was able to maintain even the painting workshops with the donation of the
works done by children for people and teachers, exposure in another way
permanent in Pereti schools. During his career CENTRA has collaborated in many
initiatives and research for the benefit of humanity and clean energy, very often
initiatives sponsored by: UN, UNESCO and UNICEF at the University of Milan in Crema
(Cremona). In the Athenaeum of Cremona a permanent space was dedicated to him with his exhibited works.
He is a living artist who has dedicated a museum gallery with hundreds of works and numerous
printing and electronic equipment "MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO LUIGI CENTRA" in the
Library of the City of Monte San Giovanni Campano (Fr), as well as a permanent room
"Center Hall" Theater in Frederick II in the city of Rocca d'Arce (Fr) and others, such as the Library
Public of Ceccano (Fr), a room with a large amount of paper, photographs, texts, books and
CD ROM; It has also been dedicated a green space called "Centra Park" in S. Pietro
di Stra (Venice). CENTRA was declared Ambassador of Italy in the world of art. They have written
about him critics such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Jonathan Ziwago, Richard Seidel, Antonio Oberti, Carlo
Giulio Argan Prof .; It is inserted in the most prestigious encyclopedias of modern art and guides
tourism together with the most famous characters from cinema, television, fashion and entertainment,
such as: Gucci, Gophard, Cavalli, with several international actors in the Film Festival of
Cannes reported in "TOURISME INTERNATIONAL GUEST GUIDE" Mediterranean Blue Coast,
Nice (France) in 2002 and in the best museums of modern art in the world, such as:
"Courtauld Institute Museum of Somerset House art" of London, the "Modern Art Museum"
Moderner "Klagenfurt in Austria, at the Museum of New York in the USA" the National Museum
of Modern Art "National Museum of Modern Art Louisiana" Humleb / EK USA "Saint
Francisco Museum of Modern Art "California USA" Toronto Museum of Contemporary "
Canada "National Museum" Hong Kong "(Japan) and many others in Italy, such as" History Museum
Natural "and" Museum of the Sea "in Giardini Naxos Messina (Sicily)" Vatican Museum and its halls
Holiness, the "Municipal Museum of Modern Information" Senigallia (Ancona) "Museodell'Occhiale" Tai, Pieve di Cadore (Belluno), "Carnic Museum of Arts and Traditions" Luigi Michele
Giordani "Tolmezzo (Udine)," Ethnographic Museum of Palazzo Veneziano "Malborghetto (Udine) and
much others. Inserted in many national and municipal libraries in Italy, including:
'Venice Biennial' State Historical Archive. For years, the artist, who has long lived in
Frosinone and Rome in Lazio as a point of reference, worked at the Italian Red Cross to help
to the victims of the earthquake, and if there was an emergency of natural disasters in the world; Estubo
in the Gulf of Aden, in Yemen and in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya (Africa), in the Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo DRC before Zaire, Somalia and Ethiopia. It must be said that he is an artist
complete that, as a vagabond "Gulliver" in the world, has written and published more than 65 books
of history, war and the cloister of fortresses and towers of the entire South Lazio; because of this
won the Culture Award of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at 1998. He has written books of
art, stories, fiction and poetry, romantic novels, always at your expense. Even though in 1986 a
volume titled I porci portano the "pigs wear a skirt" that was censored in the list
black and dall'Annunziatura Apostolic in Roman times Church and State, but has never stopped
to write; He says in his first volume of poems entitled "thoughts and memories songs" in
1976 the editor Guido Massarelli of Campobasso: "Centra is a poet and a painter by vocation to
pleasure. "At 2008 in Frosinone Prefecture, Italian Postal Seal was dedicated to him with the motto:
"WHEN THE COLOR MAKES NOISE". He is a fresco painter and has done many works in
the palaces of the old nobility and in the churches where he donated numerous religious works. Many
have been his "Master Class" in the world, so much so that in some academies of Fine Arts, the
students came to write their thesis about his figure as a contemporary artist. On his long journey
in life around the world "Italian art in the world", CENTRA has faced numerous
difficulties, has suffered from several problems that occur to frequent travelers, passing
even hungry, especially in the United States in New York and Boston and on the Grand Rue,
in Besançon where the river of the Dubs flows and along the Seine, in Paris, in France and on the shore
of the Thames in London. During the years he lived in Germany in Munich - Monaco de
Bavaria - where the river Isar and Hofeim Ried flow, near Worms, where the Rhine flows and the water is
cold on Lake Starnberg, near Kempten and Sonthofen which flows the Danube and the river Iller Centra
they pay for meals in restaurants -Gasthaus- with their works that are sometimes executed in the act,
as it did elsewhere in Italy, as in Castions di Strada di Udine, the Levade restaurant.
He was also one of the first to paint black and white with paper-derived colors of
silk, in exchange for a little money or food. In 1960 he painted his first canvas with leaves
used from his mother with his enamels Brother Mario who was a construction painter and helped him in the
execution of hieroglyphics and greek around the rooms and with the fan to the insecticide
Unconsciously filled with color the -Art Pop on the edges of the rooms around and
under the roofs. Then it was fifty for distant-nine thousand nine hundred and sixty and 1959-
60 Centered At 2003 he moved to Boston, Cambridge, for an individual exhibition at the
Society Dante Alighieri, but the return of Logan Airport was mistaken for a
terrorist and they seized all the colors; There was a real diplomatic incident, but
Fortunately, everything ended successfully. In 2010 he was awarded the Misterbianco Theater
(Catania) by Angela Lombardo, president of the Association of Science and Culture "Mea Lux", by
his artistic merits, Fulvio Frisia, a world-renowned nuclear physicist. In 2011 Centra
accompanied Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi at the 54 Biennial of Venice and has published several monographs in
its more than 50 years of history; 150 body art is also held for the unification of
Italy. In 2014 participates in the Verona Biennial of creativity with the intervention of prof.
Sgarbi, Katia Ricciarelli, Red Ronnie and critic Prof. Paolo Levi in ​​Turin who attended more than
900 artists from around the world and shows the Palexpo of New York organized by the teacher
Francesco Saverio Russo Rome. Lately Centra was invited by a Russian organization to
exhibit in Moscow under the patronage of the Soviet State, an 'exposure to 360 degrees of
international resonance insurance. In 2015 in Villa Balestra in the city of Mantua Rodigo in which
the two rooms that we established ourselves, such as permanent exhibitions of the works of the
Master Center of Ippolito Nievo and Giovanni Verga, a cultural exchange between north and south of Italy. Following the "Great Artists Louis International Center" award at Central Park in Stra
Venice dedicated to the artist in which they were rewarded with prominent personalities
winged goddess in the world of entertainment and art in general. Centered exposes to Hotel Amadeus,
for the umpteenth time in Venice with the presence of the critic Giorgio Grasso, after which he continued
Mediaset invitation with the Pasquale I'international Sorabella Cibus Pavilion Manager
Italian at the Expo in Milan, where he made some fifty works of Pop-Art "spaghetti for
"and was invited by the sultan in the Qatar pavilion to plan future work.
December of 2015, the Italian postcard devote a postmark post "When the color makes noise."
In this period Centra is the donation of several works of medium and large Italian museums and
foreigners, as well as books, press and photos and everything. Last donations to the Alatri Museum (Fr)
He dedicated a space in which four of his "leaves" are on display at Palazzo Gottifredo.
Even the City of Veroli (Fr) has accepted ten donated works and put them in the spaces of the
municipal offices, but many other agencies and municipalities and churches have the works of
Teacher: Centered in the library Atina (Fr), Frosinone Prefecture, Central Post Office
of Frosinone, Frosinone Frosinone State Archives Station police, police headquarters
of Frosinone, Frosinone Finance Guard, Frosinone Prosecutor of the Republic, Veroli local police
(Fr), local police and Finance in Anagni (Fr).
In the province of Mantua municipalities of Rodigo, Roverbella, Marmirolo.
In November of 2016, the artist has worked with Polish fashion designers Patricja Plesiak
sign your creations, which reproduces the colors of your work in the fabrics; Subsequently, it has
had collaborations with other designers in Italy. At 2017 he met in Rome in his studio
Great sculptor Benedetto Robazza to plan together new works in USA.
And finally in June of 2017 meets again with his great friend of youth Jerry Ferraro, the
former Manager and Producer of Walter Chiari, Charles Bronsons, close friend and Co-Producer of
Frank Sinatra, and many other international film greats, Jerry lands in Italy from
New York City, purely and exclusively to reconnect with his friend, invited by this along with his
son the Film Director and International Actor David Ferraro Jericoh, in full celebration of the
International Festival "Grandi Artisti Luigi Centra" in Venice, Luigi Centra signs a contract
for Jerry Ferraro, and Jerry becomes Manager, Producer and Godfather
International, together with its Producer Kitovi Kampuni and Kitovi Entertainment, a new stage begins now
in the life of Luigi Centra, from Spain, to China, through England, the USA, and Russia ...
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.luigicentra.it
Participation Date: Jan 26 2018