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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Macarena Peñuelas
Macarena Peñuelas was born in Córdoba, Spain, in the 1970 year. She grew up surrounded by nature and animals in a colony of houses somewhat isolated from the city. Lover of nature in all its forms, what attracts him most is the beauty of the detail over the great landscapes.
Her reserved and solitary nature leads her to delve into the moods and emotions in her figurative works, some of them surrealist tendencies.

The biggest obstacles in his artistic career have been the lack of support and means to carry out studies related to art, even though he has always stood out for his artistic ability in official studies. Even so, at the 24 years she entered the School of Arts and Crafts with the specialty of Talla en Madera, being forced to abandon them in the last year. Although she is self-taught, since she was very little she has had the supervision of her work by the Fine Arts graduate, Restoration and teacher throughout her life, Dolores Fernández, a person who supported her and encouraged her not to abandon her artistic career.

Today, Macarena lives in Cordoba with her son, in a house on the outskirts of the city where she has her art studio, without having lost contact with nature and the inspiring animals of her work.
English speaker: No
Website: https://artemakira.wordpress.com
Participation Date: November 20 2017